Bookmans Flagstaff was all about the fluffy and cuddly as we continued our animal welfare month with a Dog Days of Summer Pet Adoption. Partnering with local pet rescues like Coconino Humane Association and Paw Placement of Northern Arizona, Bookmans customers checked out all these awesome pets in need of forever homes!

Bookmans Paw Logo 1

The stars of the show were Sally and her sister Marmalade of Coconino Humane Association. These boxer/pitbull pups won the hearts of many with their playful and sweet personalities. Sally and Marmalade were adopted and taken home by their new families. Our friends at Paw Placement of Northern Arizona brought Sylvia Plath and Virginia Wolfe, of what they’ve deemed the “book club litter”, and received multiple applications for the two pups. It looks like both Sylvia and Virginia will have homes by the end of the week! Even though not every pet was adopted, we are positive it won’t be long until these absolutely lovable pets find homes. Who could resist Cobalt, a feisty tuxedo kitty or Elmer a rescue puppy who when found was covered in glue but is now all cleaned up and just loves belly rubs?

What’s a celebration of Animal welfare with out an organization like Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry? This awesome nonprofit provides pet food for owners who have fallen on hard times. Empty Bowl hung out in the Bookmans Flag Cafe providing information and resources to Bookmans customers.


The Dog Days of Summer Pet Adoption was a huge success! With so many pets finding homes, we couldn’t be happier. Because we love having friendly pets on leashes visit our stores, each adoption took home a Bookmans leash and gift card to say thank you. There are still plenty of adoptable pets needing homes. If you are looking for a new best friend check out these amazing rescues.