It doesn’t take much looking around to know it’s summer. The kids are out of school looking for some fun, the malls are full, the dogs (and cats) are panting and everything and everyone is melting. Maybe your family has decided to get away. It is vacation time after all. With the expense and hassle of flying, more families are taking road trips or having stay-cations. Both are wonderful options to the blinding heat of another Sonoran summer, but both have drawbacks. Road trips are fun right up until the first, “Are we there Yet?” Stay-cations often turn into long hours in front of the TV or computer.  Never fear, Bookmans is here! We have all the activities to keep your kids entertained in the car or living room.

Summer Activities

Bookmans Speedway created a Road Trip display in their Kids Room with kits and games perfect for small spaces and long trips. Give the kids a set of Baby Lily Travel Flash cards and sneak some learning into their fun. How about Ultimate Word Puzzles, Mad Libs or a color-in travel puzzle? If you are camping, check out our Shadow Puppets Kit; it’s perfect for the woods, a living room fort or back yard camp out. There are also clever mini crafting kits that are simple enough to do on the fly and have all of the parts included. Don’t forget audio books, our personal favorite! Bookmans Speedway has everything from Harry Potter to The Fantastic Mr. Fox on audio to keep your kids (young and old) enthralled. You might find yourself sitting in your driveway unable to shut the story off. Our customers tell us this often!

For a stay-cation, we have seemingly endless supplies of creative ideas to keep your family active and unplugged. Grab a copy of Crafty Mama, with all kinds if simple ideas to make cute and funny toys. Knitted Finger Puppets projects are easy enough for grade schoolers and can be the first step to a fabulous family puppet show. Make felt jewelry, greeting cards or bead. If you have a family of foodies take a tour of our Cookbook Wall. Every style, every skill level and every taste is represented. Dad will be glad because you get to eat what you make.

Board Games and puzzles are another option for unplugged vacations, and we have all of them. When the puzzle is done, you can craft it and keep it for later! If you are determined to enjoy the wonders Arizona has to offer, stop by Bookmans Sports for your camping and fitness gear. Before you go, have the kids help you clean out the garage and bring us your stuff to trade. It’s the perfect way to start family fun this summer!

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock. If you are interested in a specific title mentioned in this article, give Bookmans Speedway a ring at 520.748.9555. Bookmans is the place to browse, but it’s a good idea to make sure the title is still on our shelves before you come in.