One of Bookmans’ core values is environmental awareness. A great way to take a step toward reducing your carbon footprint is to carpool. An environmentally better way is in a hybrid. A more entertaining way, and quite possibly the best way, is to have a car karaoke party! The idea ‘dance like no one is watching’ is an essential philosophy when doing this, seeing that most of us do not have tinted windows on our vehicles. Now that I think about it, I have seen some pretty great dance moves when people are rocking out. Regardless, someone else is bound to hear you belting it out if you’re sitting in traffic, so you might as well give it your all. Toss your worries aside and embrace the morning commute by singing your heart out! Every moment waiting in your car just became a moment to shine and party down. I’ve even recruited other drivers to join me in reinacting the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World – complete with full air guitar with my windows rolled down! The driver next to me even used his dashboard like a drum kit. Had it been a contest, we totally would have won! Some carpoolers even bring instruments including drum sticks for air solos. Today, we are counting down our picks for best carpool karaoke musical instruments.

Here are a few ideas inspired by Bookmans musical instrument department to get you started!

Bring a harmonica – Isn’t this something that almost anyone can play? I’m not saying you’ll sound like a Blues Traveler album but it is easy to operate for the most part.

Bring a tambourine – Serious. Stevie Nicks fans know exactly what I’m talking about. I actually have a friend that keeps a tambourine in their car for music emergencies.

Bring maracas – What!? really! You could have a ‘Tropical Print Shirt’ day and listen to Harry Belafonte on the way to work. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and these will remind you to step into the conga line on your next vacation.


Bring a ukulele – How amazing would it be if someone looks over in traffic and sees the passenger playing a ukulele and singing. It’s like open mic during rush hour. But let’s be real for a moment – don’t play the ukulele while driving because that’s just silly.

Bring bongos – Percussion is very important. And these are probably more user friendly than the harmonica. They also double as a device for soothing your ‘angry driver’ moments. Think of Animal from The Muppets when you’re behind someone texting while driving 15 in a 25. Sing your song and bang away!

Bring a clarinet – It’ll fit! And you will look so cool when you’re playing it along with your Squirrel Nut Zippers album (not to mention you’ll be known as ‘that guy’ in the carpool.)



Bookmans Entertainment Exchange has a wide selection of instruments for all your performance needs. You can find the above items in our stores. If you decide to karaoke outside of your car, we might even have some microphones and speakers for sale to amplify your talent. Either way, check in with us and we’ll see what we have on hand to “drive it on home” (cue to some bluesy guitar solo)… See you in traffic!

*Bookmans is your store to explore. We can’t guarantee stock, so if you are interested in one of the musical instruments mentioned, please give us a call and we’ll check our orange shelves for you.