Everyone’s favorite used bookstore is hosting a cornucopia of family-friendly events all summer long at each of our six state-wide locations. Join us for Free Summer Kids Events with fun-filled activities like mad science experiments and lego build offs. Meet real-life mermaids and pirates as you sail the seven seas. Settle in for a jolly storytelling experience with puppets, magic and more. Free Summer Kids Events take place Tuesday through Friday at 10am. Here’s what we have coming your way:


Week of May 31st

Puppets Amongus-The Silken Thread

The Silken Thread

This is the glistening story of how silk was discovered when a cocoon fell into a Chinese Empress’ cup of tea. A magical adventure of dreams and dragons, the “Silken Thread” is a journey into the land of legend.

Week of June 7th

Civic Orchestra-Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

Create a ruckus in our store! With help from our friends at the Civic Orchestra of Tucson, your child will get hands on experience with an array of instruments – what we like to call a musical petting zoo! From trumpets to saxophones, this will be a musical cacophony sure to pleasure all ages and ears.

Week of June 14th

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum– Creatures Of The Night

The desert is the place to be for lively night-life! From bats to kangaroo rats, meet the creatures that wake up once the sun has set. Find out how these creatures have adapted to nocturnal living with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Week of June 21st

Brain STEM– Dry Ice Experience

See CO2 on display in ways that many have never seen before. Get your hands on Dry Ice Bubbles. Learn about the poor mans liquid nitrogen and see an industrial size fog machine with the super science heroes and super cool guys of BRAIN S.T.E.M.

 Week of June 28th

Silly Tassie – A Very Harry Potter Party

Ever heard a mandrake scream?  Silly Tassie stars as the Hogwarts Professor Sprout for our Harry Potter themed crafts and an interactive story about Professor Sprout’s journey to the Muggle world. She’ll have the sorting hat with her so that you can all be sorted into the correct house! After storyline, make sure to have your face painted with Harry’s glasses and scar!

Week of July 5th

Superhero Social

Come dressed as your favorite superhero for this action packed event full of fun. Decorate your own superhero mask and cape. Make recycled comic book collages. This event is for all ages, but please, no villains allowed!

Week of July 12th

House of Herp – Ninja Turtle Get-Down

Local Reptile Rescue, House of Herp, will be hosting our Ninja Turtle Get-Down Party from 10:00A.M. To 11:00A.M. Wednesday, July 6th at Bookmans Speedway. Everyone loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tucson’s own reptile rescue House of Herp will be on hand with real live turtles and other interesting creatures. Learn all about these creeping reptiles and get an up close view of some of nature’s most versatile animals. Enjoy pizza Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style and make your own TMNT craft.

Week of July 19th

Lego Build Off!

Build your very own masterpiece at our Lego Table! Watch a movie while snacking then make your very own Lego craft. You can show off your Lego masterpiece in our Photo Booth and enter to win a Lego prize in our free raffle. Legos are more than just a toy, they are creative building blocks! Work with friends to build a Lego empire or make your own city, spaceship, a prehistoric dinosaur creature or adventureland. All things are possible with Legos so don’t miss the fun, movie, snacks, crafting and prizes. The event is free and open to kids of all ages!

Week of July 26th

A Loyal Companion– Pet Party

Bookmans is committed to the health and welfare of animals so we decided to celebrate Dog Days of Summer with a little help from Kate Titus and A Loyal Companion. Show us how much you love the pets in your life by learning more about their needs and how to interact and train them. Pets have a special place in our hearts and deserve the best treatment. Let Kate help you keep your best pal happy and healthy with tips from her canine swim and recreation experience.

Week of August 2nd 

Silly Tassie– Back To School Bash

Silly Tassie will be with us for face painting and balloon animals while we play carnival games and earn tickets to spend at our Prize Table. Test your skills and win prizes!

Summer Kids events will take place May 31st through August 4th at all three Tucson Bookmans stores. Join us Wednesdays at 10am at Bookmans EastThursdays at 10am at Bookmans Midtown, and Fridays at 10am at Bookmans NorthwestBookmans is your place for educational, interactive and most importantly F.U.N events sure to combat the summer boredom blues. Check out our events calendar for a list of all of our Summer Events at your nearest Bookmans location. We look forward to seeing you!