With Father’s Day coming up on June 19th, Bookmans is the perfect place to not only get out of the heat and have some fun but also to find the perfect gift for Dad! No matter what Pops interest, you are sure to find something unexpected and perfect for dear ol’ dad. From fave films of the past to cool grill guides, Bookmans is your one stop shop for unique gifts for the dad or dads in your life.
Father's Day Gifts

For the foodie Father check out the hundreds of cookbooks and foodie guides of every skill level we have in stock. If Dad is a vegetarian, try Fresh From The Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson. This volume contains 200 recipes for one-pot meals of varying degrees of simplicity. Slow cookers are often thought of for meals of the meat variety but Robertson shows how to make easy healthy recipes that Dad will love. Nigel Slater’s Ripe covers how to grow, prepare and cook fresh fruits and vegetables. This volume is beautifully illustrated and has much more than recipes including gardening like growing your own apple trees.
For the musically inclined individual, Bookmans has a huge variety of ear candy sure to make it a happening Father’s Day. The CD department has every genre of music but we suggest something extra fun like Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, The Phat Pack.  If Dad is a vinyl feen check out the one and only Steve Martin’s comedy album Is Not Pretty. The funny man took a trip in 1979 and returned to The Boardinghouse nightclub in San Francisco for his third LP. Martin combines spoken word and comedy for a truly inspiring, if not a tad raunchy, performance. Gaming guys can check out Outlaw Volleyball for XBox.  This grown up game has several versions  including Red Hot and 9 Holes of X-Mas (because golf is dangerous). The games feature 50 tour events, 10 extreme courts, multiplayer action and 16 crazy characters for Dad to get his game on this Father’s Day.
Movies are a great way to beat the summer heat! This Father’s Day try the classic Sword and Sandal double feature the with The Giants of Thessaly and Sins of Rome. The first film predates Jason and the Argonauts, involves a quest and the Golden Fleece. The Sins of Rome retells a 1st century B.C. slave revolt that shook the mighty Roman Empire, when men were men and all that. If Dad likes Cowboys, and who doesn’t in Arizona, grab a copy of Rex Allen’s The Arizona Cowboy.  This was the classic film that made uber-cowboy Rex Allen famous, so giddy up to rope, wrangle, chase bandits and be macho on a horse.

Dad's Duck
Dad’s Duck

All Dads love books, after all, he read to you right? How about Oliver Benjamin and Dwayne Eutsey’s The Abide Guide – Living Like Lebowski. Your Dad IS The Dude so give him this life guide so he can be a disciple of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude. This must have Dude guide will give your Dude Dad a head start on Dudeism. If there are teenagers in your Dad’s life then you might consider The Awkward Human Survival Guide by Adam Dachis and Erica Elson. The subtitle of this work is How to Handle Life’s Most Uncomfortable Situations – so it can be something you can share with him – especially if you haven’t gone to prom yet. Is Fatherhood is new to Dad? We have some adorable books to help him through the initial stages of Dad-ness. Let’s Panic About Babies! by Alice Bradley and Eden M. Kennedy will help any new father endure the tyranny of infant-hood. This awesome book takes parenting from day one or at least the day he found out. All those unspeakable questions that new Fathers have are fully explained. Take a humorous look at the most important job he’ll ever have. If Dad is an outdoorsy guy get him a copy of Trail and Camp-Fire Stories so that he can be the hit at every camping trip. To avoid things getting TOO scary, you might also include The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques by Alexander Stilwell. This text is complete with diagrams and bullet point tips for not perishing in the woods.
We also have jewelry, Very, Very macho jewelry or not so macho jewelry. Whatever dude you decide. Like a key chain and bottle opener made out of a non other than a bike chain. So he can look great and still open your Fanta! If your Father likes belts why not get him a banana belt buckle? You can always say it was from Mom. If all else fails we have a ceramic duck. It’s a duck that is ceramic and will look great somewhere in your fabulous Fathers life. Because Dads like ducks. Happy Fathers Day from Bookmans and remember kids, you can use Trade Credit to purchase that duck, you know he wants it.
***Bookmans is you store to explore. If you are interested in an item mentioned here, give your local Bookmans a call and one of our awesome team member will be happy to check what we have in stock. Otherwise we hope to see you soon perusing our shelves.