Do you find every single film, piece of music or literature lacking? We, as a generation, are apathetic about art. Growing up inundated by cookie-cutter garbage, this is the final straw. I’m going to break this down. The future can be bright. It takes effort, but we can mold the future into whatever we want it to be.

Speedway clown mask

Previous generations did not have what we have. The Internet started to grow around 1995 when Netscape came into existence. Once AOL hit in 1997, the Internet spread like wildfire. The Internet is a necessity. While the Internet facilitates apathy, cynicism and narcissism within modern culture, I am a self-proclaimed cynic who also sees the beauty in it. With the creation of YouTube and Vimeo, we can create something for potentially millions of individuals to watch.

My generation has seen everything from human centipedes to killer houses. We are probably the best judge of storytelling because we’ve seen it all. Turn on your cable box and see 500 channels with almost every story arch imaginable. It’s mind boggling. We have a world of entertainment at our fingertips and nothing new to see. It’s maddening!

Where your mind can take you? The world is our oyster. We can make anything. We don’t need publishing houses or film studios as gatekeepers. We can post our creative work on the Internet and see where our ideas go. I hear many amazing ideas go to waste because we limit ourselves. Let’s stop whining and start doing something about it!

Read a book, listen to a CD or LP, watch another movie with a mind open to inspiration. We have everything within grabbing reach! Prove me wrong and create something new and thought provoking. We have the power to take things into our control. Show me what you did. Post a link in our comment section or tag Bookmans on social. All original ideas are welcome.

* Flavio is the Event Liaison for Bookmans Ina.