Visit Bookmans Speedway’s Electronics Department to meet our newest manager, Kiefer! We asked Kiefer the tough questions to look into his very soul and uncover his plans for the department and, in fact, for the world. For example, we asked him about his official title, how employees refer to him. Most call him Supreme Leader and Commander Big Nuts. Our time with Kiefer went in a virtually different direction from there.

Kiefer and the Oculus

Kiefer, what’s going on in Electronics World, what are you excited about?
We currently have an Oculus, a virtual reality headset, cutting edge technology.

What the heck is an Oculus?
It’s a piece of technology designed to fully immerse you in the world of your video games. If you have ever had the urge to look over your shoulder to see an ogre barreling down on you or a commie staring down his iron sites, ready to take away your freedoms, this is your technology. This is not yet available for retail purchase. This one is a developer’s kit, the first one to hit the scene. If you have a penchant for game design, to make games more 3D immersive, you will love it!

Can you use an Oculus if you aren’t a tech nerd?
Yes, but it’s mostly for developmental purposes. You may have seen that the Windows operating system has a VR interface. This technology was pooled from that. If you own an Oculus, you’re helping us segue into the future.

That’s big league stuff, pretty intense. What are your goals for Bookmans Speedway’s Electronics Department?
I’m a fool and a madman, so I want our department to be a bastion for classic gamers who still believe in sharing games with others. Internet censorship is just as dangerous as any other type of censorship. Sharing games was an integral part of my childhood. Play this game, hate your little brother for a while, and then give it back, or not.

If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would it be?
Cunning, like two scoops of rocky road.

Our Electronics Department couldn’t be in more capable hands. We have high hopes for our Supreme Commander. Stop by Bookmans Speedway and see for yourself — either using your eyes to see IRL or using your Oculus in virtual reality.