Are you a video game player with a Twitch or YouTube stream that gets noticed? Bookmans is looking for streamers who want to work with us on future projects and sponsorships! Whether you’re streaming League of Legends, Super Smash, Fornite, or another competitive video game, Bookmans would be thrilled to work with you. Your goal is to get sponsorships and ours is to get the Bookmans name out into the world. That’s a win-win! 

streamers working with bookmans is a win-win

Bookmans is a huge hub of all things entertainment, and we’re just as crazy about video games as you are. We’ve always carried not only the latest video games and consoles, but we’re also a destination for vintage and retro games and gaming systems from Atari to original NES. There’s never a bad selection no matter which store you visit, and each day Bookmans stores are carrying more and more gaming gear. 

Best of all, Bookmans is all about the buy-sell-trade method. That means that you can not only find the games you’re looking for, but you can trade in the ones you’re done playing and put that money toward your next new game. Whether you opt for trade credit or cash, there’s no better deal in town. 

fortnite characters dancing

There are a lot of ways that Bookmans is here for gamers, and we are so excited about the prospect of working hand-in-hand with streamers who love to play and love to connect with their audience. We’re no strangers at connecting with gamers. In fact, every one of Bookmans stores hosts monthly video game tournaments – which are totally free to enter – where you can win some great prizes for being the best of the best. 

The ball is in your court, streamers! Here’s who we’re looking for: Bookmans wants to work with friendly, interactive gamers who are fans of our stores and live in Arizona. At this time, we are looking for streamers on Twitch and/or YouTube who play the current, popular competitive games and are looking to build a professional relationship with a local business. If you think that your channel would be a good fit for this sponsorship opportunity, let’s talk! You may have a future as a Bookmans-sponsored gamer. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

video game streamers apply via the link below

As we do anticipate many responses to this opportunity, we want to assure everyone that we will consider all submitted forms. However, it may take us some time to see what you’ve all been up to on your streams, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us immediately. 

That’s it! If you’re ready to start your road to Bookmans sponsorship, it all starts with this form! Game on, Arizona! Remember, Bookmans is a destination for people of all ages and interests, so we are welcoming to everybody. Your content, attitude, and positivity while streaming will matter most of all.

*Bookmans does not guarantee that any submitted Bookmans Streamer Sponsorship application will result in an agreement between Bookmans and applicants. Bookmans will vet applicants for content, language, and overall Bookmans-friendly gameplay.