I know the Despacito hype isn’t a thing anymore. However, I have made a list of songs that will change your mind. These tracks are filled with those get-up and dance vibes, featuring Latin artists that are chaining the music industry.  This playlist will have you saying “Despacito? Who?”

Contra La Pared by J. Balvin & Sean Paul

Are you really in the know if you haven’t sung “cucara macara di que fue” after hearing this song for the first time? Sean Paul has always killed it with his rhythmic flow. Pair that up with J Balvin’s mellow voice, throw a catchy get-up-and-dance beat on it… All I can say is that bag is secured. Give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Oye Pablo by Dana Paola

Dana Paola has left behind that “Mundo De Caramelo” vibe and grown up to be a firecracker. The confident, mature, flirty aura continues to give me chills. If you haven’t already downloaded her new album Sie7e you need to ASAP. There are so many painfully good singles on it.

Indeciso by Reik, J Balvin & Lalo Ebratt

Who doesn’t love Reik? They have finally blessed the world with a collaboration with J Balvin and topped it with Lalo Ebratt. The blend of 3 different styles of music is pure magic! The beat gives you a confidence boost, letting you that everything is going to be okay, even when you aren’t sure of the outcome.

Runaway by Sebastián Yatra & Daddy Yankee & Natti Natasha feat. Jonas brothers


Two words: Jonas Brothers. If you’ve kept up with the Jonas Brothers comeback, this song is all you need to know. That light-hearted playful beat paired with Daddy Yankee’s Puerta Rican flow, highlighted by Sebastian Yatra and Natti Natasha’s flirty lyrics about Runaway with you. Oh, did I mention that the Jonas Brothers sing in Spanish? This should have been on your playlist since yesterday.

No Te Vayas by Camilo

“No Te Vayas” can be found on Camilo’s singles. As brilliant as his songs are, there is still no album. If  the video isn’t enough to melt you heart the lyrics will “Me Gusta Cuando dices, Que también me extrañas, Que te hago falta, Como tú a mí” will. It means “ I like it when you tell me that you’ve missed me too, that you need me, as I need you.” Seriously, how precious is that this single has those relationship butterflies paired with that get-up-and-dance beat?

Loco Contigo by DJ Snake, J Balvin & Tyga

J Balvin has been killing the game this year. Pairing up with DJ Snake and Tyga for this illustrious song requires all props.  This epic collab song is nothing short of a must-have on anyone’s playlist. The artists team up without sacrificing their individual styles, so it feels like you’re truly getting the cream of the crop.

11 pm by Maluma

If you haven’t heard his music, you likely have heard the name Maluma. Known for his sensual lyrics and overconfident playboy attitude, this song embodies his character to a ‘T.’ Move over Trey Songz (AKA Mr. Steal Your Girl), Maluma is taking your title. The smooth Caribbean-inspired beat with his persuasive lyrics will have any girl do a double-take. This track has those “I’ll treat you better” vibes every girl deserves.

Tu y Yo by Anitta & Chris Marshall

Do?not?sleep ?on ?Anitta. This 26-year-old Brazilian beauty makes signing look effortless. She produces brilliant work that embodies sensuality and femininity. Her music is playful, flirty and always features women as queens through and through. Her soothing vocals on the slow beat will have you hitting repeat over and over again. ­

Dollar by Becky G & Myke Towers


All I can say is YAS QUEEN! This is an anthem to empower women. From calling a guy out for his player attitude to telling him that she won’t fall for his games, this song is about girls who run the world. If that’s not enough to make you want to add it to your playlist this lyric will change your mind: “Si te Dijo que me bajes el Cielo, me lo bajas entero.” Playing with the idea that if she asks you for the moon and stars, she wants all of them and nothing less. So just like Becky G, don’t settle for anything but the best!

Pretend by CNCO

Boy bands are back in and CNCO is defiantly one of the reasons why! 5 talented singers perfectly in sync in their choreography – yes, please! This song is just one more addition to their long list of upbeat pop-inspired music. The song interpolates a sample of DeBarge’s 1985 hit Rhythm of the Night, giving it that 80s feel we all miss.

Playing on the idea that they don’t mind being on a waiting list if it means getting the girl of their dreams, this track features a catchy beat that will make you want to dance.  Not sure how you fell about it, check out the music video for some sweet dance moves.