By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Fresh off of their latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor (released November 2014), World of Warcraft announced their sixth expansion, Legion, bringing even more content to the massive Warcraft universe. Legion sees the return of the dreaded Burning Legion and fan favorite baddie, Illidan Stormrage, after his supposed demise in WoW’s second expansion, The Burning Crusade.

World of Warcraft: Legion

Legion raises the player level cap to 110 and introduces a new melee class, the Demon Hunter, based on Illidan’s own class. The Demon Hunter features two specifications, Havok (DPS) and Vengeance (Tank), and exceptional mobility that includes a double jump. The newest hero class is set to begin at a higher level (much like the Death Knights of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, which starts their journey at level 55) so that players can immediately participate in the battle against the Burning Legion without having to level from scratch. Players also have the option to boost one of their characters (new or old) to level 100 with the purchase of the expansion.

Legion takes place on a new explorable continent, the Broken Isles, the once ancient home of the Night Elves and the location of the Tomb of Sargeras, the mad Titan at the heart of nearly all the evil that besets the world of Azeroth. Legion also introduces artifact weapons that grow in power as you defeat enemies and are customized through the use of relic slots, taking the place of weapon drops. You use your artifact weapon throughout the entire Legion story line and it levels with you.

While WoW’s subscription numbers have experienced decline as of late, it remains one of the longest running and most popular MMO’s around and is expected to experience a spike in subscriptions once Legion drops. Announced on August 6 at the Gamescom gaming convention in Germany, Legion does not yet have a release date, although beta testing is slated to start later this year.

Time for me to jump back on my Death Knight and catch up on the all the content I’ve missed since the last expansion. Oh World of Warcraft, just when I think I’m done with you, you reel me back in.