One of the great things about living in the southwest is the exposure to a melting pot of different people and cultures. Our desert surroundings are home to a diverse array of people. We live in close proximity to several Native American tribes whose ancestors have resided in this land centuries before it became apart of the United States. Being able to appreciate their diverse cultures and customs up close is an honor for all who to experience it.

Kachina 1

Bookmans Ina obtained a large number of Hopi Kachina Dolls to display and sell in our store. Intricate and beautiful, we are privileged to have these cultural symbols in our store.

Kochina 2

The Hopi, which translates to a person who lives in a polite of peaceful way, reside in North-Eastern Arizona. More than 9,000 Hopi Indians reside in our state on a reservation that spans 1.5 million acres.

Kachina 3

The Kachina Dolls depict an array of spiritual beings that the Hopi revere. Not only do these dolls represent long lasting tradition for the Hopi Indians, but they also take a skilled craftsman to create an artistic piece.

Kachina 4

Our Kachina Dolls are displayed for all to enjoy. Come experience a native culture through their artisan craft work.