Bookmans Flagstaff partnered with Flagstaff Chess Club for our Knights of the Square Table chess tournament. Local competitors gathered in our cafe as we kicked off Bookmans Geeks Out month with the ultimate game of strategy. The name of the game was G/10 or Game in 10. Each competitor was given ten minutes to complete their game resulting in one winner. Players of all ages and skill level took their places on opposite sides of the chess board with one goal in mind — first prize, a chess set like no other. Complete with pieces in the form of various dragons, this medieval fantasy twist on the classic board game gave even Westeros a run for its money.

Flag Chess Tournament

The game continued for two hours with each player moving on round after round. As much fun as we had, there could only be one winner. Our victor of the evening was none other William Cheney. A local chess enthusiast who teaches the game at Sinagua Middle School. It became clear very quickly as his students asked his advise and guidance that Cheney is a clear role model and mentor to his students and a prominent member of Flagstaff Chess Club. After receiving his coveted prize, Cheney placed it in the hands of a young boy asking that he share with his siblings who all participated in the tournament but did not place.

Flag Chess Tourney Prize

We are honored to have worked with Flagstaff Chess Club for this event. Being a part of the Flagstaff community for over 15 years, FCC got its beginning with local chess master Steven Stubenauch who unfortunately passed away in 2011. Continuing his vision, FCC gathers every Monday and Wednesday to play chess with tournaments twice a month that are rated with the United States Chess Federation. For information on how you could participate in local chess tournaments visit

flag chess winners circle