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Since 2003 Local First Arizona has been leading the conversation on the impact of buying local. From their Good Food Finder that helps you find locally owned and operated restaurants in your area to the Local First Arizona Foundation, which helps to build communities through healthy local food initiatives, rural community development and education in business and entrepreneurship. Local First Arizona, or LFA, offers an array of programs and incentives for both the consumer and the local business owner to help shift dollars to the local economy. When you spend money locally, 52% stays in Arizona. That’s amazing compared to the menial 13% that stays when you spend at big box stores. The convenience of shopping at chain stores can be a hard habit to kick. With that in mind here are just a few ways to start buying local, courtesy of Local First Arizona!


Get an oil change with a local mechanic.

This is something that, if you’re a good little car owner, takes place every few months or so. An easy way to start shifting your spending locally is to get your oil changed with a mechanic in your neighborhood. Check out LFAs business directory for a list of mechanics in your area.

Get a haircut at your local salon or barber.

Luckily there are an astounding number of locally owned salons across the U.S. but for the fellas, having your hair cut by a local barber is not only supporting your communities’ economy but is also one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. For reals it’s like getting a facial. So rather then go to some chain with a name like Duper Cuts or Super Dos, #TreatYoSelf with a clean shave and cut at one of your local barbers.

Get a coffee!!!

How many of us give friends and loved ones Starbucks gift cards for holidays and birthdays? What about how often we meet our friends for coffee or grab one on our way to work? Now just imagine how huge your impact would be if instead of going through that drive through you grabbed a cup of Joe from a place like Raging Sage or the Bookmans Flag Café? If that café happens to all used locally sourced coffee, all the better! So get your caffeine fix locally.


Bookmans has always been a big supporter of the shop local movement, after all we are local ourselves. We’ve been selling used books and media for 40 years and that’s all thanks to the communities that support us. It benefits to shop local this holiday season! We once again kick off our Shop Local, Give Local campaign this November with fun free events like small business fairs and articles that highlight neighboring shops and restaurants, we’ve also decided to give away two Localist memberships from Local First Arizona.

As a Localist you receive discounts and incentives for shopping local. Localist receive $25 off Edible Excursions and 10% off Tucson Symphony Orchestra tickets. Not to mention the awesome Localist events like Build-a-Gin at Three Wells Distillery. LFA’s Localist program is a great way to support local business and show your pride for your community.

To enter to win simply state in the comments below your favorite local business. We will allow one week for commenting. Comments are monitored and may take some time to appear, one is plenty. Winners will be contacted on November 29th via email.

This article only gives a small sampling of the truly inspiring work Local First Arizona does. We encourage all of you to check out their website and learn all about how you can support your community by participating in LFA’s Buy Local Month!

Shop Local, Give Local with Bookmans this November!