It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month. How do you celebrate? If you’re a reader, you can add Latinx authors to your reading list. Need recommendations? These 7 books are written by Latin writers will fill any reading list with enjoyment. From forbidden love stories to struggles and history of Latin culture, these books take you on an adventure and keep you on your toes.

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Latin author Laura Esquivel serves up this mouth-watering novel. It fills your head with thoughts of food and a sprinkle of romance too. You can almost smell Tita cooking in the kitchen. The story is about Tita’s undying love for Pedro and how circumstances and traditions keep them apart. This novel sends you on the adventure that will make you fall in love with the art of cooking. It’s also a great pick-me-up for anyone who is struggling to believe in love.

The Line Becomes A River: Dispatches from The Border by Francisco Cantú

Written from the perspective of Francisco Cantú, he describes his experience growing up while living near the border and how that lead him to join the Border Patrol. The novel gives an inside look to the ethic and policies of a government agency. This isn’t an adventure everyone is ready for, but it speaks a truth that is rarely seen and it’s from a Latin perspective.

Corazón by Yesika Salgado

This novel is the embodiment of love, in all of its forms, from family to self-love. It is written to make you feel as if Salgado is right next to you with a hot cup of tea chatting away. What’s it all about? The constant search and insatiability for the love you crave and the journey it might take you on.

Love in Times of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

Love is in the air in legendary Latin author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ novel. The love between Florentino and Fermina starts out young and innocent only to grow fonder through letters and distance. However, reality strikes once they meet in person. A revelation leads them to live two separate lives, but will they ever be united again? Give it a read to find out!

Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo

When Juan Preciado’s mother is on her deathbed, she requests that he go to Comala to meet his father. Not wanting to go, Pedro beings to have visions of his mother, making him reconsider. As he sets out on a journey to meet his father, Pedro is finds by a much duller image of what he knew to be the town of Comala. As the tale unfolds, the people of Comala reveal their truth to Pedro. This intriguing story is written from multiple perspectives and the story tells of how Comala came to be this way.

The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende

Latin author Isabel Allende’s The House of Spirits touches on the supernatural. Do you believe in destiny? When Clara del Valle predicts that there will be a death in her family, her sister Rosa dies. Rosa’s death leaves her heartbroken fiancé Esteban Trueba to rebuild his life. As the story unfolds, Clara finds herself navigating her gift to see the future and choice to stray from what life has already written for her or tread her own path.

Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar

Hopscotch can be read progressively or randomly, hopping from story to story. Just like a game of hopscotch! Some of the “expendable chapters” are part of the grand picture filling in gaps of information. The book features sections like the life of Horacio Olivera and the band La Maga. Chapters 37- 56 cover the life of Manolo Traveler a childhood friend of Horacio. The story plays out from different perspectives that intertwine. So good!

Do you have any Latinx reading recommendations? Share them with us and our readers in the comments!