As Arizona encourages high school seniors to apply for a postsecondary institution including vocational training by the end of November through their Arizona College Application Campaign, we encourage those of you considering higher education for yourself to go for it. Maybe college wasn’t for you shortly after graduating high school. Maybe have already been in the workforce and wish to pursue a different career than what you had gone to school for years earlier. We know the prospect of stepping into the classroom again as an adult can be daunting. The idea of studying, taking notes or enrolling in the dreaded Algebra class may hold you back. Let Bookmans be your back-to-school cheerleader. Though it feels like a lot to take on, we offer reasons why you should take the leap and go back to school and have resources to help you get through the next few years in college.

You Can Win at Higher Education

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, baby, and in this case it’s a positive.
Four years feels like a lot. What stops most is adding those years to your current age and feeling like you’ll be in a retirement home by the time you graduate. The truth is that as an adult you’ve had the life and work experiences necessary to ensure success. It’s unlikely you’ll waste any time. Your head is in the game, you’re focused on this in a way you wouldn’t have been at 18 when parties and cutie pies battled for your attention. You’re less likely to feel to self-conscious to ask for help. You will take full advantage of your professors’ office hours and utilize study groups to the max. All of this will help you stay on task insuring you get that cap and gown ASAP.

If you’re a first timer to higher education, don’t worry about entrance exams. Stop by to browse our selection of books on the ACT, SAT and other frequently required exams. You can conquer those tests! If you have extreme test anxiety, still no need to worry. If the books don’t put you to ease or give you confidence, know that not all schools require entrance exams. Check the requirements of your institution of choice.

Money Honey.
The cost of college adds up. Tuition, books, parking passes and all the pens, sticky notes and notebooks can quickly send you in to a full-blown panic attack. Nobody wants to be in debt and there are ways to minimize expenditures. If you do have to rely on student loans to pay for your courses, explore the full range of educational offerings. You can find excellent courses from any number of institutions and then transfer credit from less expensive ones to the more expensive ones. You’ll get half your degree done and save money on the way. Not only will you save money, this is a great way to test the waters while taking advantage of smaller class sizes. You can also explore multiple resources for scholarships and grants geared towards adults who are going back to school, not to mention as an adult (over 24) you might get more federal student aide.

How do I do the school?
Okay, the last time you took notes was 10+ years ago. Homework, what is that? How does it work? This is where Bookmans comes in. We have countless books available that help the new student get organized and get that degree. You’ll find everything from study guides to help with taking notes in class on our orange shelves. We’ve got you covered. When it comes time to unload all those textbooks at the end of the semester, feel free to stop by the Bookmans trade counter. If we can’t sell them we’ll make sure they are recycled properly. If you’re in Flagstaff, the Bookmans Cafe is a great place to get your study on and any Bookmans location would be happy to have your study group bring their own coffee and hang out.

Going back to school is scary it’s ultimately worth it if you have your eye on getting a degree. If higher education is something you need to be a happier you, then we say go for it. Apply, register and kick higher learning butt!

* Bookmans is your store to explore and we are happy to make recommendations. If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call and we’ll check the shelves for you.