Bookmans is all about celebrating your inner geek. From Dungeon Masters to Sith Lords and creative cosplayers, all members of the geekosphere are welcome at our stores. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire month to celebrating all thinks geek! Comics are just a small slice of the pie, but have quickly become the most sought after screenplay source material for would-be blockbusters. If the success of Guardians 2 is any indication, the superhero film franchise is here to stay. We’ve got the inside scoop on all the single issue comic books you need to read before they hit the screen. Here are our top 3 Read ‘Em Before You See ‘Ems.

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Comic: Runaways

Distributer: Marvel

TV release date: 2018

A group of teenagers, while attending their parents “charity event,” discover that Mom and dear ol’ Dad aren’t what they seem. After learning of their parents involvement in criminal activity and overall villainy, the teenagers take to the streets. Each kid soon discovers their own powers and sets out to defeat ‘The Pride,’ a B level super villain club to which their parents belong. This Joss Whedon fave is making its way into the TV lineup, set for release in 2018.


Comic: Judge Dredd

Distributor: Rebellion Comics

Release date: Unknown but it’s happening!!

Though the judges of Mega City One have in fact made their debut on film before, this will be the first time we see them in our living room on a weekly basis. Not much is known about the status of the new Judge Dredd Mega City One TV show, but Rebellion Comics Owners Jason and Chris Kingsley are set to produce along with IM Global CEO Stuart Ford. The all star team helped bring the cult classic DREDD to life. Now if only we could get confirmation that Karl Urban will once again don the judge helmet and make a return to TV.

Comic: Archie

Distributor: Archie Comics


Now for this one you have probably already witnessed the mayhem that is MTV’s.. I mean ABC Family’s… I mean the CW’s Riverdale. While names and locations are the same, this is not your mom’s Archie Andrews. A teen drama fully stocked with affairs, drugs and a family of corrupt redheads, The CWs Riverdale is sure to have you biting your nails and pining for Jughead.


Well there you have it! Three comics you’ve simply got to read before catching them on the small screen. Stop by any of our six Bookmans locations and pick up a copy of the latest comic turned TV show. Bookmans is your store to explore, but can not guarantee stock. If you are interested in a title mentioned in this post, simply give your local Bookmans store a call and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.