As someone who spends a lot of their free time reading and reviewing books, there a few tips and tricks, along with various items, that I use to keep my reading life in order. Here are some of those things, all of which you may find at your favorite Bookmans location!

A blank notebook

As an avid notebook collector, I can tell you first hand how handy a blank notebook is. I use a blank notebook to jot down quick TBR lists, quotes, and thoughts about the books I’m currently reading.

A planner or agenda book

As I mentioned before, I’m excessively orderly when it comes to my reading. Enter my reading planner. As someone who reviews books, sometimes with a deadline, it can be difficult to read the hundreds of books I want to, so I schedule my reading. Yep, I’m that aggressive, I schedule my reading. Trust me, it’s not as crazy as it sounds, but it helps. I also use my planner to keep track of my reading habits and how many pages I read a day.

A book light

I can read just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that there is always great lighting. Having a book light with me fixes that problem in a jiffy. Plus, it makes an awesome bookmark in a pinch!

A book stand

Like my issue with lack of light, sometimes I lack hands to hold my book. Shrug.

A good pair of headphones

Audiobooks are a huge part of reading as much as I can. But, it also helps to keep a pair with you if you just need a moment of silence when you’re reading or to listen to that awesome playlist you made for your reading time!

A reading support group… AKA a book club

Nothing helps me read more books a month than meeting with my book club. There’s something about sitting face to face with someone who has read the same book as you to discuss all the things you loved and hated about it. There have been many nights I’ve stayed up too late because I had to finish the book before the club meeting the next day.

If you’re looking for a book club near you, look no further than your favorite Bookmans location. Check out the event page for when one of our amazing groups is meeting next!