What began as a Disney Channel original movie became a theatrical release and a cult classic. Hocus Pocus evolved into a Halloween tradition. The story of the Sanderson sisters’ resurrection and Max’s race to stop them from stealing the youth from Salem’s children is arguably the best family Halloween movie in the history of cinema. For the sake of argument we would like to bestow on Hocus Pocus the coveted crown of the raddest Halloween movie and give Max the throne for cutest Halloween movie crush (obviously tied with Casper in human form from 1995’s Casper). To celebrate All Hallows Eve we complied a list of five cool facts you probably didn’t know about this beloved film.

Hocus Pocus

Facts about the beloved Hocus Pocus:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker is a witch!
Well, not really but the famous actress, who plays Sarah Sanderson, discovered that a distant relative of hers had been accused of witchcraft in the late 1600’s. Coincidence?

2. Billy “The Butcher” Butcherson remains the hottest zombie of the 90’s.
Also, the moths that fly out of Billy’s mouth after being resurrected by Winifred were real. No CGI was used. Talk about a “moth” full!

3. Sorry, no credit to Mr. Edgar Allen Poe.
A common misconception is that the song Sarah Sanderson sings to get the children to Sanderson’s house was written by Poe. Not only is that incorrect but Come Little Children doesn’t carry the same style or meter common to Poe’s works. Anyone who tells you different employs wishful thinking.

4. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Max…
The role of Max was originally written for and offered to heartthrob Leo. The young actor turned it down to do a little indie film called What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Missed opportunity? We think so.

5. This is Bette Midler’s best film.
She agrees! The actress stated in a 2008 interview with BBC that Hocus Pocus is her favorite of the films she’s been in. If we are being honest, Midler is a goddess among mortals and everything she does is gold, including Beaches.

There you have it. Five cool facts about the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. The Sanderson sisters put a spell on us. If you’re in the mood for an epic part of cinematic history, hop on that broom or vacuum and fly on to your nearest Bookmans. Bookmans is your store to explore, but we can’t guarantee stock. Feel free to give us a call if you’re looking for a copy of Hocus Pocus.


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