By Megan Maiden, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Last week at Bookmans Mesa a woman approached the cash registers with a seasonal proposition. She had a $130 trade credit slip and hoped we would use it toward children buying books or for young people in general. It was an unexpected, wonderful surprise! I asked if we could do anything for her in return. She said, “Nope. This was just something I felt like I had to do. Merry Christmas!”

Secret Santa Ensures Month of Merriment

Merry Christmas indeed! My fellow cashier and I were excited to play secret Santa on her behalf. We split the slip into multiple quantities and gave the credit to children around the store who had full baskets of books and small instruments. We also used a portion of the trade credit at the register to help children lower their purchase totals or to supplement their trade credit. So many kids benefited from one person’s random act of kindness! We had a pretty good time too!

Thank you to our real secret Santa and happy holidays from Bookmans!