In our ongoing effort to give back to our local community and support local business, Bookmans Mesa presents Freebie Friday, a giveaway every Friday throughout November. What is this crazy talk of free things AND Fridays? We assure this all to be true! Who doesn’t love giveaways? We certainly do–especially when the giveaway is for somewhere new-to-you that maybe you haven’t even heard of before and are hesitant to try but you end up loving the place and can’t wait to go there again. Isn’t that the greatest joy when it happens? The whole scenario only gets better when you learn that awesome new place is locally owned and operated. Shop Local, Give Local, and enjoy Freebie Fridays with Bookmans Mesa.

Shop Local, Give Local and enjoy Freebie Fridays with Bookmans Mesa.

As part of our belief that it pays to shop local, each and every Friday Bookmans Mesa hosts a new contest showcasing a local business and offering you a chance to experience parts of our community that we see as hidden gems. To enter our Freebie Friday giveaway, you will have to use our comment section to answer a Question of the Week. Each Friday Freebie contest starts on a Friday and runs until the following Monday. We will allow 72 hours for entries so there’s no excuse for letting one pass you by! The winner will be selected using and will be notified by e-mail sometime on the following day.

Comments are moderated and may take some time to appear. Please do not resubmit your comments — one will be plenty.

Also, if you love these local business giveaways, remember to join in on our Shop Local Twitter Treasure Hunts. So many giveaways! So many ways to win! Bookmans is proud to partner with Local First Arizona and to be part of Shop Local Give Local month in our community. See you this Friday!

Good luck going local this November! Together, we will build a better Arizona for all.