Once a month, for movie night, my friends and I like to play a game called “Six Degrees…” An example is “Six Degrees of Marilyn Monroe” or “Six Degrees of Mel Brooks.” The way it works is we choose a movie star and everyone brings a DVD to watch (the cast must include that actor). For the best results, we try to bring some “B” movies or indie films for binge watching. It’s always fun to see how they started out!

Last month, my theme was “Six Degrees of Rene Zellweger.” The film that prompted this theme was Love and a .45. A friend of mine owns the soundtrack, but never saw the movie and didn’t realize this was one of Zellweger’s very first films. Along with this indie favorite, we watched Empire Records, White Oleander and of course, Bridget Jones Diary. Here are a few selections to inspire your actor theme:

Steve Carell  has always made me laugh out loud. Rotten Tomatoes describes him as “Possessing a sort of surreal, outlandish, and childish comic persona that is only enhanced by his deceptively straight-laced appearance.” Sounds like a box of Jujube’s would be a good pairing with this one.

Classic! Maybe include some Audrey trivia with this one or serve the same cocktails as the party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also, you might want to keep some kleenex on hand in case a couple of endings bring on tears.


My personal favorite in this trilogy is part 2. I love seeing what Spielberg came up with to depict what fashion and pop culture might look like in the future. What’s kinda scary is realizing that some of it came true (See inside out pockets, Moschino Spring Fashion 2015).

Lucky for you, your local Bookmans carries an excellent selection of multi-film DVDs. You only have to make one stop to our stores and your “Six Degrees…” binge watch party is complete! Don’t forget to stop for movie snacks on the way home. Happy watching everyone!