By Robert, Assistant Manager for Bookmans Ina

I love instrumental music–jazz, metal, classical, it almost doesn’t matter. I do admit to a greater love of jazz than other genres. Instrumental music requires a skill at melody and feel that keeps the listener interested and engaged despite the lack of vocals to sing along with. The music requires a constant stream of hooks that you find yourself humming in the car. It creates a mood and allows an interpretation all one’s own. Russell Gunn, Wes Montgomery, Liquid Tension Experiment and Joe Pass are all awesome instrumentalists. Recently, I was led to a video for a group called Snarky Puppy. All I can say is, Mind. Blown.

Bookmans Recommends: Snarky Puppy

These guys have an amazing sound, astounding virtuosity and a creativity that is next to none. They put together composed material and weave improvisation throughout so well that you can’t tell when they’re playing one or the other. The rhythm section is especially good. The drumming is incredibly dynamic and the bass holds everything together with sporadic flourishes of awesomeness!

Look up the tune Lingus and prepare to be amazed. The keyboardist improvises an ever increasingly tension-filled battery of notes that the drums and bass prod onward and upward until the excitement gets the best of you and you find yourself cheering everyone on just like they are at the end of the video. The groove kills throughout and the horns bring it like nobodies business. And that’s just one song. Every song is like this!

If you’re into instrumental music and you’ve not heard of this group from New York, do yourself a favor, look up Snarky Puppy. Prepare to be floored.

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