“Do you want to build a snowman?” The answer is always a resounding, YES! Desert dwellers know that springtime has arrived and the increasing temperatures are a harbinger of the summer heat to come. Never fear because Bookmans Grant knows a way make it feel like winter all year round. Using a few simple ingredients they show us how in this fluffy snowman tutorial.

Snowman Tutorial

All You Need Is:

* Cornstarch (or baby powder made with corn starch)
* Unscented Lotion
* Pipe Cleaners
* Glitter (Optional)
* Peppermint Extract (Optional)


1. Pour cornstarch into a deep bowl. Cornstarch is such a fine powder that it easily spills over if you mix too vigorously.

2. Mix in the unscented lotion. More cornstarch makes the mixture more crumbly and more lotion makes it more gooey. Add more of either to get the desired effect. We found that a 2 part cornstarch, 1 part lotion ratio works best. Pro Tip: More corn starch keeps the “snow” from sticking to your hands.

3. Add glitter and/or peppermint. This step is completely optional, but let’s face it glitter and peppermint make this craft more fun. If you don’t want glitter all over your floor, come to one of our crafting events. We’ll clean up.

4. Take some time to play with your mixture. When you’re ready, roll it into three differently sized balls. This will be your snowman’s head and body.

5. Stack the balls from biggest to smallest.

6. Using pipe cleaners, decorate your snowman. We started by adding eyes, arms and a nose. Later, we added scarves, kitty ears and even a shining sun. Give your snowman some personality!

Another Pro Tip: Keep the individual ingredients in the refrigerator prior to mixing or the entire snow mixture after mixing to make the snow extra chilly while you play with it.

Do you want to build a snowman? Now you can!

Thanks to all the kids who participated in this fun craft at Bookmans Grant. Every Bookmans store hosts kids events and crafting events. All our events are family friendly and free, so no excuses. Come see us and bring your children. If you haven’t already, sign your birth to age 12 child up for Kids Club so they can receive a gift certificate on their birthday and discounts on their purchases all year around.