Bookmans is known for it’s amazing selection of musical instruments, we don’t just sell books after all! Bookmans Speedway currently has three amazing electric guitars that stand out from the (impressive) pack. We were so excited by these treasures we wanted to share a few bits of information about them.

Remember though, that all of our stores are packed with the full range of musical instruments, all types, sizes, for all skill levels and genres. Bookmans merchandise is all available for purchase with our famous Trade Credit, no cash required (although your money is more than welcome in our stores) and these gorgeous electric guitars are no exception. We don’t just sell musical instruments but we repair them too! You can even finance those repairs with Trade Credit so you don’t have to take out a bank loan to keep the music rolling. Let us help you get started on your dreams of musical greatness and have a look at some of our cherry, killer cool, smokin-hot electric guitars.

electric guitars

We start with our Epiphone Sheraton II. This is a semi-hollow body, 24.75 scale, pale gloss lamented maple with mahogany center block, mother of pearl and abalone inlay neck. This is a whole lot of instrument with many stunning features that make it very unique. The Epiphone Sheraton II is larger than it’s colleagues to accommodate that all important mahogany center block, which sits in the center of the hollow body hence the ‘semi-hollow’ designation.

The inclusion of the center mahogany block gives this guitar a more distinctive sound from an entirely hollow guitar. The block produces a more bluesy quality to it’s sound. Obviously all instrument selection is based on personal preference which makes the Epiphone Sheaton II a favorite for blues musicians, but it has also been used by heavy metal musicians to give their sound a deeper, more throaty, quality. The larger size and high gloss make this instrument a stunning stage piece for performers.

Next is a Line – Varian 6 James Tyler, 24.75 scale, standard size tobacco sunburst made of glossy mahogany. The Variax 6 is special because it is effectively multiple guitars in one. The Variax H.D. technology allows the guitar knobs to be adjusted to model other guitars. #winning

One knob can change the tuning without having to stop and re-tune your instrument. The tuning options are plentiful and include open G, Drop D and Open D, among many others. Another knob can change from semi-hollow to resonator and more. The flexibility of this single instrument to mimic many others is a strong selling point for musicians who are looking for a wide range of options to express their creativity. Having an ‘all in one’ instrument allows musicians to compose in a range of styles thus expanding their own music into different genres.

Last, and a personal favorite, is the Epiphone Zakk Wylde Buzzsaw. This Buzzsaw electric guitar is a psychedelic masterpiece of instrumental creation with a neck profile of 1-11/16″. It’s orange and black custom Buzzsaw tiger stripe effect, paint job and mahogany body are paired with a maple wood top and neck and a rosewood fingerboard. The deep mahogany body provides superior stability. It’s flush rosewood fingerboard allows for speed riffs, slides and bends. The unique look of the Zakk Wylde also features twin EMG-HZ4 humbuckers for Wylde’s high-output tone. The tune-o-matic bridge and stop bar are designed for tuning precision that prevent slipping out of tune during any live set.

See these and many more instruments at our Bookmans Speedway store and all of our locations, today!