One of the many perks of working for such a company like Bookmans is the ability to digest music, movies, games and books effortlessly. As new material makes it’s way in our stores we eat it up and spit it out – in the form of reviews so that you, our avid reader and listener, can decide just what goes on your shopping list for your next trip to Bookmans. Here we review Sydney Bennett.
Sydney Bennett known as “Syd”, who you may know from going back to the days of being a Odd Future member or from being a huge leading part of a group named The Internet. Syd currently has been prepping to release her first solo album; “Fin.” Syd’s lead single “All About Me” was the first single released on the album, which is produced by member of the Internet; Steve Lacy.
Her solo introduction with her new single has a fresh raw feel; dropping verses in a trippy dark garage surrounded by her crew (Internet Members) while drowning out in assorted light shades of dark blues and red. Syd delivers the kind of energy you can’t deny respect. [“Take care of the family that you came with, We made it this far and it’s amazing. People drowning all around me, so I keep my squad all around me.”] Syd confidently confirms that she has no intention on leaving The Internet, but she is definitely trying out her own spotlight.
I feel like some were undecided about what to expect when hearing that Syd was releasing a solo record. A lot of what made her music so dope out of this world collaborative feels, with laid-back vibes . Syd’s new album “Fin” definitely has a little bit more of a mainstream sound compared to her previous albums with the Internet. Yet this album showed how her stupefying voice conforms smoothly with so many different song dynamics.
For Syd’s older albums we come by or give Bookmans a call today. Her work is just as astonishing and helps share the love that we have for new releases.