The Old West is full of spooky tales and ghostly sightings. From specter sightings of Virgil Earp in Tombstone or rogue ghost cats haunting hotel rooms in Jerome, we have sepulchered frightful tales in the dust of Arizona history. With so many cowboy shootouts and wronged painted ladies, its no wonder we had difficulty narrowing down our favorite haunts. After much deliberation and, some may say, too much time speaking in spooky voices over a lit flashlight, we managed to select just three terrifying tales to share.

Terrifying Tales from AHHHH-rizona

Hotel Monte Vista
Closest Bookmans: Bookmans Flagstaff
Level of Scariness: Four out of five shadowy figure sightings spotted out of the corner of your eye in the bathroom mirror.

Oh, the Monte V.! Such a wonderful vacation spot if you’re into hearing ghostly music played at odd hours or phantom bellboys waking you for room service only to discover there’s no one there. Dun, dun, dun! Once a popular speakeasy and later a well-known hotel for famous actors and actresses to stay in during Hollywood’s golden age, The Monte V. is now a modern-day beacon in downtown Flag. Not only for its happening nightlife, but also for its infamous history as one of the most haunted places in America. Numerous tales as to who, or what, haunts the famous hotel. No one can say for sure but even the staff are wary of ghostly guests inhabiting the Monte V.’s halls. Ask to stay in room 305–if you dare.

The Jerome Community Center, a.k.a. Spook Hall
Closest Bookmans: Bookmans Flagstaff
Level of Scariness: Three out of five cold drafts brushing against your neck in the dark.

Formally known as The Wickedest City in the West, Jerome is a thriving artists community and still known for its haunting history. In most towns the community center offers pottery classes to the elderly and serves as a meeting place for town officials. In quaint Jerome the community center is a meeting place for ghosts of murdered prostitutes seeking vengeance on the cowboys and miners who’d done them wrong. This currently respectable establishment is formerly the “cribs”, a place where ladies of the evening conduct their business for a hansom penny.

Tombstone Arizona
Closest Bookmans: Bookmans Ina, Grant or Speedway
Level of Scariness: Three out of five monsters of the week being taken out by two attractive Winchesters rollin’ in a 1967 Impala.

Tombstone–the town too tough to die. Known for Wyatt Earp and company’s legendary shoot out at the OK Corral. Tombstone is not only a historic landmark, but also a haunted one. Reports persist of the ghost of Virgil Earp crossing the same street where he was ambushed by outlaw cowboys. The apparition never seems to make it across the street. He simply disappears before reaching his destination, further fueling the ghostly speculation. Skeptics point out that Earp didn’t die on that street and question why he would choose to haunt a street were he was simply shot in the arm. It seems beyond reason, but then again ghost stories always are.

There you have it. Three tales of haunted hotels, community centers and ghost towns. Visit these places at your own risk to see for yourself. Share your creepy sightings of souls yet to pass on you’ve experienced in our comment section. Happy haunting, friends.