There are so many ways to tune in to your favorite music! A lot of people stream music via web services, some channel into their favorite radio station, other sare even bring it back with the wax. Some still keep their case full of CDs in great condition. While convenience makes a good argument for buying an album online, I also loved being able to a have my own physical copy! Physical copy gives ownership. There’s never a chance that a purchased album will mysteriously disappear from your music library on your phone after an update. Which happens way more often than it should. It also allows fans to display their music. And have you ever tried to get a digital download autographed? Here are more reasons to love physical music. 

One of the best parts of buying a new album is the shopping experience itself. Browsing does take effort, but the results are priceless. Whether perusing the music section at your local Bookmans or stopping into your fave indie record shop, being around countless albums that you can see, feel and, if you’re into it, smell, is reason enough to embrace physical music. There’s nothing like having a physical copy to hold in your hands. You can’t help but share it with your friends and fellow music lovers. Most of us even put it on display. Why? Because music a part of us and we want everyone to know how a band, an album, or track means to us.
If you’re on a mission to find a certain album or just browsing for something new, shop physical music. Perusing stacks of CDs and LPs, looking at the cover art, maybe sampling a song or two allows you to get lost in the best way. You never know, when you might find your next favorite record.
Been trying to find a certain album(s), stop by our stores or call one of our Bookmans locations. We also suggest asking a fellow music lover and checking out our employee recommendations. Our selection is always changing too. No matter what type of music you call your own, there’s treasure to be found in the stacks.