Once expected to die out by the ’90s, vinyl albums are celebrated for their warmer sound, providing the ultimate music listening experience. Whether you grew up smuggling your parents’ albums of yester-year and greedily listening to them on the floor of your bedroom or you are just now discovering this wax medium, listening to vinyl is cool. While digital downloads sales are steady and CDs lost popularity, the vinyl market consistently grows. The convenience that comes with buying digital has a new rival, offering a unique sound that some feel to be superior. More people collect vintage LPs and purchase their favorite artists’ latest albums in vinyl. Many artists owe a substantial amount of their sales to this media.

Flagstaff Vinyl

Jack White’s Lazaretto was released this month and is already breaking records. Lazaretto sold 138,000 copies in its first week with almost a third of that in vinyl, making it the highest sales week of a vinyl LP since Soundclan began tracking music sales in 1991. These numbers can be attributed to the special features that come with only buying this album on black wax, but these sales numbers still goes to show how much vinyl is celebrated in the music community.

The care and detail that went into White’s latest creation is a music nerd’s and vinyl enthusiast’s dream. Complete with two hidden tracks on the paper label of the record, a hologram etched into Side A depicting an angel as it spins and different speeds for the hidden tracks creating a three speed record, these features demonstrate the growing market and appreciation for vinyl.

Flagstaff Vinyl 2

We celebrate vintage media everyday. From the rare and coveted like Legal Weapons’ Innocent Youth to popular classic rock albums like Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy, we’ve got it all in a collection that is growing. It’s safe to say that digital downloads are to vinyl as e-readers are to the classic paperback. Digital is convenient, easy on the go and takes up less space but nothing beats the real thing. Shelves of glossy albums in sleek sleeves will always be more impressive than a lost iPod.