Amidst the December holiday whirlwind, finding a thoughtful and affordable gift presents a challenge. You are up for it, however, because your neighborhood Bookmans has something for everyone. We count down our Top Five Last Minute Gifts, sure to impress even the most discerning of recipients. Take a look at these selections and then make a beeline for the Bookmans location near you!

Ukuleles Make Great Last Minute Gifts

5. Hip Ukuleles
Ukuleles are fun, perfect for all ages and easy to learn. You might as well get one for a gift and one for yourself. As the great George Harrison explains, “Everyone should have and play a ‘UKE’ … it’s the one instrument you can’t play and not laugh. I love them, the more the merrier. So get yourself a few and enjoy yourselves.” Outfit your social circle with ukes this December and watch as the spontaneous harmony spreads.

4. Shiny New Board Games
We always have an awesome assortment of puzzles and games, but the holiday season brings in the best of the best. Check out our brand new board games, hot off the presses. Board games are not only fabulous gifts, but catalysts for ignoring electronic devices and laughing hysterically with friends and family. Give the gift of analog fun this holiday season.

3. Epic T.V. Box Sets
We have the perfect gift for those who haven’t yet met their quota of Law and Order SVU as supplied by the USA network. This December, gift wrap some of the greatest series to grace the small screen. Help loved ones gear up for that power marathon of Castle or discover obscure BBC gems with complete box sets.

TV Boxed Sets Make Great Last Minute Gifts

2. Vintage Video Games
Make 8-bit dreams come true with our far-out selection of retro and vintage video games. Need a system to play these glorious finds? We have you covered. The Bookmans Electronics Department is a venerable treasure trove of all things gamer. Discover gifts that will make both the angsty teens and nostalgic grown-ups in your life ecstatic.

1. Bookmans Gift Cards
We’ve gone to great lengths gathering ideas for a myriad of interests, but there are always those for whom shopping is especially hard. In that case, we have the solution. Bookmans sells gift cards in every denomination at every location! With so many unique albums, films, puzzles, books, posters, toys and games to choose from, that special someone will be overwhelmed with gratitude.

While you’re perusing our wonderland of media for last minute gifts, be sure to check out all the fun and free events that take place at Bookmans and around the community. Our Events Calendar has the latest skinny on what’s happening. Here’s to great gifts and happy holidays!