Bookmans folks are big fans of music. From old school classic rock to new and interesting takes on blues, hip hop, and pop, we love and listen to it all. So you better believe that when we hear of a new record coming out from an artist we love we mark it on our calendars in permanent ink and devote the week to completely absorbing its content. This spring, there are a plethora of albums to get excited about. It is totally necessary and a great use of everyone’s time to list them for you here.  So I asked around and compiled a list of sure-to-please records you should definitely pick up from Bookmans this spring.

Anderson Paak Ventura – Out April 12th

Recorded at the same time as Oxnard and also executive produced by THE Dr. Dre, Ventura is set to release April 12th and will quickly be followed by Anderson’s summer tour.

The Flaming Lips – Kings Mouth – Out April 13th

The immortal Flaming Lips will release a special edition of their upcoming 15th LP on gold vinyl to participating retailers on Record Store Day. Unfortunately, Bookmans is not an official Record Store Day participant but we will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled on RSD at our local indie vinyl hot spots. Plus the album will contain a narration by The Clash’s Mick Jones.

Lizzo – Cuz I Love You – Out April 19th

Lizzo has been gaining a lot of speed lately in anticipation of her upcoming Cuz I Love You LP. The amazing woman that blessed us with tracks like Truth Hurts, and officially made flute cool will once again be blowing our damn minds with another awesome record. Listen to Juice,  Tempo w/ Missy Elliot, and the rock opera-esque title track, Cuz I Love You to get a taste for what’s to come. We can’t wait!

Jamila Woods – LEGACY! LEGACY! – Out May 10th

If you don’t know who Jamilla Woods, stop what you are doing and immediately go listen to 2016’s Heavn right freaking now. This soulful poet was featured in The Social Experiment’s Sunday Candy and gave us Blk Girl Soldier and my personal favorite, LSD. Jamila is also an active member in her community of Chicago as the Associate Director of Young Chicago Authors, organizing the worlds largest youth poetry slam Louder Than a Bomb. She also works with Chicago public schools to create curriculum and workshops for students. Swoon…

Mac DeMarco – Here Comes The Cowboy – Out May 10th

Here Comes The Cowboy will be Mac’s first album released on his own record label “Mac’s Record Label”… Not a joke, that its name and it totally makes sense for this multi-instrumentalist bringer of slacker rock. Or as he would put it, Jizz Jazz. DeMarco will coincide Cowboy’s release with a tour hitting up the east coast and abroad.  There are a couple stops on our side of the country along the way too.

But what records are stoked to listen to this Spring? Tell us in the comments below. Remember Bookmans also sells records and even sells new vinyl. If you are interested in a particular album give your local Bookmans a call and one of our staff members will be happy to check our shelves.  And Join Bookmans Flag on April 13th for our Unofficial Record Store Day Celebration. DJ Knomadik will be spinning old school funk. Artist Ben Craigie will be assembling a custom sculpture in-store made entirely of recycled vinyl. And of course, there’s the music! Celebrate your vinyl with Bookmans, everyone!