By C’Loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Are you a gamer looking for the latest video game releases? Maybe you’re a collector looking to fill out your retro Nintendo cartridge collection or find some rare Playstation JRPGs. Perhaps you simply want a cheap and entertaining video game system to occupy the kids. Whatever video games you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it and more at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange!

Video Games

We carry everything from the oldest classics:
* Sega Genesis
* Atari
* Colecovision
* Intellivision

To the newest and hipest:
* Playstation 3
* Playstation 4
* XBOX 360
* XBOX One
* Wii
* Wii U

Indulge your nostalgic side with our selection of golden era video games:
* Super Nintendo
* Nintendo 64
* Gamecube
* Playstation 1
* Playstation 2
* Sega CD
* Sega Saturn
* Sega Dreamcast

We’ve got handheld systems too:
* Original Gameboy
* Gameboy Pocket
* Gameboy Color
* Gameboy Advance
* Gameboy Advance SP
* Gameboy Micro
* Nintendo DS
* Nintendo DSi
* Nintendo DSi XL
* Nintendo 2DS
* Nintendo 3DS
* Nintendo 3DS XL
* PSP Go
* Playstation Vita

We carry nearly every video game genre imaginable:
* First-person shooter
* Side-scrolling action
* Action and adventure
* Puzzle
* Simulation
* Mini-games
* Dance games
* Music games
* Sports titles
* Horror

We have a little bit of everything and that doesn’t stop at video games. We carry consumer electronics, music, movies, books, comics, magazines and even housewares! Swing by any of our six locations in Arizona and lose yourself in all we have to offer. We buy, sell and trade, so you can bring in your old and gently used video games, books, CDs, DVDs, instruments and housewares to receive Bookmans trade credit or cash and come away with even better stuff!

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock. So if there is a particular title you are looking for give your local Bookmans a call and a staff member will be happy to assist you.