Vintage is trending across the entertainment spectrum, including games. Bookmans has all the vintage games (speaking hyperbolicly)! Retro Range Toys and Games released a collection of retro-inspired games with original artwork and game pieces. These are “modernized versions of old favourites” that combine the quirky charm of vintage toys and games with the special features of updated versions. These games are wonderfully eccentric, characterized by a wholesomeness paired with a cheeky sensibility. Retro Range chose to remake and update not just the games from your childhood but also from your grandparents’ childhoods.

Vintage Games to Entertain

Start your retro gaming experience with Kitty Wampus. Tagged as a “swell game for kids”, Kitty Wampus features a brightly colored kitty costumed in period garb. The equally adorable board has a kitty spinner, fully suited and sporting a floppy red bow. The object of the game is simple: fill your corner’s white spaces with the wooden dots you win with each spin. Not much is required in the way of strategy but the visuals make up for it and the little ones will be captivated by spinning kitty.

We also recommend a game that hails from 16th century India. Snakes and Ladders is based on Vaikuntapaali or Paramapada Sopanam (the ladder to salvation). This East Indian classic made its way to the British Empire in the late 1800s. The ladders represent virtues like generosity, faith and humility while the snakes represent such vices as anger, murder and theft. Rolling the dice and moving around the board dictate the play.

Pick up Flipping Fishes, which is labeled as “The Jolliest Game for Young and Old”. This game is more physical as players use paddles and plates to flip fish along the race lane. Soccer lovers will excel because players are not allowed to use their hands. This game could be modified for adult play by involving tequila shots. That part isn’t mentioned in the directions but sometimes you gotta channel your inner Pink Elephant champ.

Chopsticks, “A Favourite Game from China”, also requires active play. If you are a fan of Asian food and adept at the use of chopsticks, then you have a distinct advantage. The game pieces consist of brightly colored wooden dowels, small discs and chopsticks. The object is to use the chop sticks to pick up the disc and place it on the dowel. To avoid frustration, forgo the shots on this one.

The Beetle Game is creepy, crawly fun in which players take turns shaking the dice in an attempt to be the first to build their beetle. This game was first introduced in the 1950s and the manufacturers retained the original packaging to keep the vintage feel. Owners of 1971 VW Bugs, like yours truly, feel the game would be improved by building an actual Beetle, the one parked in a Tucson driveway waiting for you to play the real-world version.

Bingo is a classic game for all ages. This retro version includes a detailed instruction guide. That is helpful when you plan to play with Grandma. She knows all the tricks, so you will need to refer to that rule book to keep things fair. You will probably lose anyway because that lady is a pro. Console yourself over the wad of money you lost to Grandma by singing the classic song of the same name. We will get you started. “There was a farmer, had a dog and BINGO was his name-o!” You remember the rest.

Bookmans has many more vintage games to entertain all ages and preferences. These games make great gifts and you can purchase them with Bookmans Trade Credit. If you want to help out with VW repair, we will begin by replacing all the molding and glass. Don’t worry, it is just as much fun as these games, only you get real grease on your clothes! Who’s bringing the shots?

* Bookmans is your store to explore. We hope you will come and browse our table top games selection, but if you are looking for a specific game, please give us a call. We’ll check our orange shelves for you.