Bookmans carries an exciting new product line–vintage tools. When we look at these hand-crafted items for hand crafting, it is difficult to decide if they are for function or art. Who are we kidding? They are for both!

Vintage Tools Provide Form and Function at Bookmans

The history of tools and hardware is the history of people. Complex tool creation and use defines humanity. This goes a long way to explaining our fascination with them. We use tools to make our homes and all the furniture that goes in them. A value on craftsmanship means that people can earn a living as tradesmen making our homes and furnishings for those of lesser skills. Craftsmanship eventually gave way to the Industrial Revolution when we mass produced tools and everything else.

In spite of this proliferation of cheap, standardized tools, we still love vintage tools. Probably because, as any craftsman would tell you, the tools make the job. Everything becomes easier with the proper tools and some of tools are highly specialized. Bookmans Speedway primarily focuses on hand tools, which can be separated into two basic categories, striking tools and cutting tools. Striking tools include hammers, axes and hatchets. Chisels and knives are cutting tools.

You might have heard of Stanley Tools? If that rings a bell, it’s because in 1843 Frederick T. Stanley started a humble door hardware company. In 1857 he was joined by his cousin and started Stanley Rule and Level, which took over Leonard Bailey and Co. A major acquisition as Bailey held patents on many woodworking tools. By 1920 the two Stanley companies merged, becoming the mega tool company Stanley Tool. The progress didn’t stop there and today the tool industry is an ever-changing, world-wide endeavor.

However progressive and complex tools become they never lose their charm or their usefulness. Many DIYers still proclaim their passion for tools of the past. These gems are a hot item — and not only for home improvement. Many homeowners proudly display these antique and vintage tools in their homes as art, thus proving that form and function make a happy marriage. Don’t throw out those boxes of rusty tools. Take a closer look. With a little love and cleaning these wonderful tools of yore can make your job easier, bring you joy and make you some cash. Bring your vintage and antique tools into Bookmans and we will have a look. You never know what the past might bring!

* Bookmans is your store to explore. If you are looking to buy, sell or trade a particular vintage tool or brand of tool, give us a call and we will help you as best we can. Deals can only be made in person, so we can’t speculate online or over the phone but we can check our shelves for those looking for something specific. Mostly, we hope you will come browse our selection.