By now it’s well known we celebrate Love of Reading month. We made lists of our top selling, best loved and “wish you’d read it” books. Beyond recommended reading lists, the fundamental reason why we love to read hasn’t yet been addressed. Sure, the fact that it helps prevent Alzheimer’s is a definite plus and, okay, better analytical thinking may come in handy, someday. Reading also expands our vocabulary, enhances our memory and improves our reasoning skills, but let’s face it, none of us read for these reasons. What is it about getting lost in a book that captivates us? The employees of Bookmans Ina offers up their reading motives.

We Love to Read

  1. “Reading is the never-ending curiosity and open-minded quest to experience and learn directly from the minds and hearts of many different and unique individuals. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, reading exposes us to perspectives and thoughts that expand the consciousness of all life on this planet.”
  2. “It’s amazing how one book can make you feel. That same book cam make someone else feel the exact same way or completely different!”
  3. “Reading is the gateway to the larger world. Without reading we are as blind to the greater mysteries and fantasies of our universe.”
  4. “Reading takes me away from reality and helps me relax. It also gives me something to obsess over for awhile.”
  5. “Reading opens up new worlds. For a few hours you get to be someone else and somewhere else, which can be an eye opening experience. Reading makes us more empathetic and well-rounded people.”
  6. “Reading allows us to experience different perspectives and adventures without leaving the couch. When reality is feeling too heavy, there’s always going to be a book that can suck you away from it.”

You may think we only read high brow literature and discuss hermeneutics, but the truth is we geek out over the same things you do. We want you to read what you love too. Do not hesitate to plop down your genre fiction at our register. Let’s talk about westerns, romances, syfy, new age, memoir and US Magazine. Let’s share our escapes, new worlds, differing perspectives and reasons we love to read.