A staple of the Bookmans Grant community is our Pokémon MeetUp. Every Sunday for the past two years, people gather in our community room to battle and discuss everything Pokémon related. Anyone walking by the meeting room knows that it is still going strong. The event was started by Zoe Bossiere, the official Pokémaster at Bookmans. We chatted with Zoe between helping kids at the MeetUp about her love of the game.

pokemon Zoe Bossiere

Zoe came up with the idea for a Pokémon MeetUp when, after playing Pokémon for most of her life, she got tired of not having other people to play it with. She reached out to us to see if we were interested in hosting a Pokémon gathering. After a little convincing, she reserved a spot at a table every Sunday. Within a few weeks her group got so big that we moved it to the community room where it has taken place ever since.

Zoe explains that the love people have for Pokémon is because it’s a universal language that gives people of all ages a common topic, making it an equalizer between any demographic. She explains that many of the older people in the group have been playing since they were kids, so there is also a nostalgia factor. The fact that the game consists of battling adorable monsters makes it easy for a beginner to be drawn in. This combined with the consistent releasing of new cards, games and characters has made Pokémon stay where many others have come and gone. Zoe refers to Japan, where the game originated, where Pokémon theme parks and centers have popped up for the last 10 years as an indicator for the future of the brand. She expects that we will see more places like that in the U.S. as Pokémon continues to hold our interest.

If you want to be a part of this growing movement or if you just want to see what Pokémon is about, Zoe recommends to start by picking out some cards or a game, both of which can be found in our electronics department. Beginners are always welcome at the Pokémon MeetUp at Bookmans Grant or the Pokémon Pile Up at Bookmans Speedway. Now go out and Catch ‘Em All!