Bookmans Speedway debuted a special rare book collection during Love of Reading month that took us all back to our childhood. The collection of children’s books by Ruth Plumly Thompson with illustrations by Jno R. Neill is founded on and continues the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum. We categorize this collection under Children’s Books by habit but these exemplary finds appeal to all ages and types of readers. Most of the books in this collection flew off our orange shelves, but we have one book left — Handy Mandy.

Handy Mandy

We grew up reading and watching Dorothy on her wild trip to Oz to meet the wizard, but what happened after she landed back in Kansas or even before her arrival? Readers were, and are, so entranced by this tale that they clamored for more stories. Thompson took up the mantle and continued to write. Bookmans Speedway’s collection ranged from the 1930s to 40s and included the titles Ojo in Oz, The Lost King, The Hungry Tiger (an early reprint), Speedy and the rare Handy Mandy.

Handy Mandy is the 31st book created by Baum and the 17th novel written by Thompson. This Oz novel follows the adventures of Mandy, an “honest and industrious” goat girl who tends her flock on the hills of Mt. Mern. Her story opens as a geyser blasts Mandy into the sky, flinging her across the sands of the Deadly Desert to Keretaria in Munchkin Country. That is where the story gets crazy!

These novels are fabulously illustrated with wonderful characters brought vividly to life. This is a book lover’s chance to obtain a one of a kind treasure. Act quickly if you want this copy of Handy Mandy. Bookmans is a great place to browse, but for some items it’s best to call ahead.

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock. If you are interested in Handy Mandy, give Bookmans Speedway a call at 520.748.9555 and a staff member will be happy to assist you.