Desert dwellers understand what it’s like to be stuck inside on a summer day. While half the country suffers during winter, us tough skins in the sand know what the months of July and August bring for summer: HEAT! And lots of it! Just last week we had a day that peaked at 115 degrees here in Tucson and who knows what awful heights they reached up in Phoenix and Mesa. Our hearts go out to you sister Bookmans! Even the Monsoon season keeps us inside as we watch fallen limbs and debris float by out on the streets that become rivers for a few hours. However, don’t fret. We have the perfect table top solution for the family that’s stuck indoors; board games.


Bookmans is stocked full of the absolute best new and used table top games and puzzles. We have them all. From classic board games like LIFE and Monopoly (including those special editions of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars if you’re lucky) to the rare RPG games that might just take you all summer to figure out how to play, but that’s half the fun! This summer we encourage you to pick up an old favorite and try out a new one. It’s a DARE, are you ready for the challenge? Just in case you aren’t sure where to start, we picked out a few of our favorites to point you in the right direction.

Card games often get over looked, but each store has bins full of quick and easy card games. These are perfect for road trips and doctor visits alike! If your kids or yourself (we won’t judge) love Adventure Time, we have the perfect game for you. Card Wars! You know, the game Finn and Jake obsess over in the show. Now it’s time for you and your family or friends to see who can get the top score. Do you think you can beat Jakes? With multiple editions with all your favorite characters, including the Fionna and Cake edition, you’ll lose track of time as you spend hours getting lost in this fantastic game. We also have you’re old school favorites like Uno, Skip-Bo and Phase 10. Also, nothing beats a good old game of Solitaire; we have themed decks. We saved the best for last here. Nothing beats Pokémon and… okay, Magic: The Gathering. There’s no time like the present to learn how to play these all-consuming games. Bookmans sells both! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your friends you bought that Mega Charizard to beat their meek little starter deck!

If you loved the laugh out loud fun you had with Apples to Apples another great group game is Quelf. Almost like a game of truth or dare, Quelf makes you do the most hilarious and outlandish deeds in order to move ahead on the board. This game will kill hours of summer boredom and leave you with laughter pains in your sides; a definite addition to every households closet of games.

For all you trivia nerds out there we’ve got the best collection of Scene it? Harry Potter, 80’s, Disney and Sports we’ve seen them all come across our trade counter. The only requirement for these games is the ability to play a DVD and the desire to out smart all your movie fanatic friends. For a more basic game of trivia, try Trivial Pursuit. Each time you get the trivia question right you move ahead on the board, first to finish wins! The challenges aren’t so easy, however, be prepared to use that noodle!

Whether you want a fifteen minute game or a five day game, Bookmans has all your summer gaming needs taken care of. We even sell die in bulk and occasionally you’ll find a set of RPG dice in the box! Give us a call if you’re looking for a specific game or stop by and have us recommend a few. Our good friends over at Bookmans Ina provided their own list of board game must haves. Don’t get stuck being bored this summer, let us help you beat the heat while having fun!