Bookmans is renowned for having a wide and varied stock. Our customers never know what they will find when they walk through our doors. The Entertainment Exchanges alone can fulfill just about any request, even if it’s just for a laugh. Bookmans stores have fantastic Humor sections that are a prime place to discover the unexpected. Our Humor sections include a wide range of titles. Everything from memoirs, comic strips, essays, how-to guides, photo essays, relationship guides and coffee table books make up our acclaimed Humor Books section. With some of the quirkiest and most unusual titles that are wildly entertaining but might not fit into any specific genre. Let’s have a laugh and take a look at some of the funniest and often most honest, titles in our Humor departments.

Humor Books

Fail Harder 

by: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC and it’s Cheezeburger Network

The subtitle is Ridiculous Illustrations of Epic Fails and includes some of the funniest photos that are often accompanied by explanatory text. The work has chapters categorizing the various ways in which we can Fail in life. We Fail at work, Fail at school, in relationships, on road trips and with your pets and kids. Throughout the book we see how businesses and individuals expose their lack of grammatical expertise.

“The Tooth Fairy Food Drive is accepting donations to benefit the Food Panty”. Armetta’s restaurant has a large sign proclaiming that it’s special of the day is Chicken Cordon Bleu Balls while El Rodeo announces that “Today” Eat Kids Free. One pet supply is offering Cat Leaches and one road sign advises Cawtion. The book doesn’t disclose the identity of another eatery which offers Dog Teriyaki, let’s hope it’s not a specialty of the house. One can purchase a George Foreman Baby Roasting Machine (only $24.99) or wood letter including the number 1.

This Book Will Change Your Life

by: Benrik, an author collective

The back cover attempts to explain itself as being ‘part instruction manual, part therapy, part religious cult, part sheer anarchy.” It’s a pseudo journal, self help guide with illustrations and exercises both physical and mental. Each page features clever illustrations and photographs, often accompanied by helpful hints. Day 57 suggests “Today, try foods that scare you” with such delectables as tripe, snails, dog, horse, oysters and jellied eel. Yum!! Day 252 advises that you “Picture everyone naked”. Day 89 is Primal Scream day and Day 205 and 206 are a two part exercise with the first being “Spend a week in France, behaving like the French” followed by 206 being “Have a fight in public day’.  Having traveled in Europe, this is not quite correct, the author might be confusing France with Italy.


by: David Bickel

Creepiosity is a photo collection of all thing unintentionally creepy. The photos are joined with explanations as to why these things are creepy, just in case you didn’t already know or ever feel the need to be armed with information should anyone wish to argue the creepy point. Life is full of creepy things, some you might not have considered, some are obvious like Clowns, Opera Singers and Squirrels that look at you a bit too long. However, Cars with too many bumper stickers, toy train enthusiasts, and Canadian Coins have a more subtle creep factor. I think that we can all agree that people who are fluent in made up languages, hankies and used bars of soap need no explanation and have no defense.

The Mullet

by: Mark Larson and Barney Hoskyns.

The Mullet is a harrowing look back at what some of us decided to do with our heads. Larson and Hoskyns cover the history or hair and take an objective look at the how’s, where’s and why’s of hairstyles. We cringe in shame when we recognize our own follicle failures and promise the hair gods we will never again get a poodle perm.

If Life is a Bowl of Cherries – What am I Doing in the Pits

by: Erma Bombeck.

A true comic classic and one we must mention, this was a number one best seller for good reason. Ms. Bombeck is a forerunner is comic fiction and gives readers an unvarnished look at life. Originally published in 1971, she was telling it like it is long before Chelsey Handler or Kathy Griffin. Erma tackles such topics as white socks with pantyhose, the Mother Mystique, who killed apple pie and her dire warning that “Families can be dangerous to your health”.

Comic strips and cartoons have their own turn with classics like The Get Fuzzy Experience, The Whole Enchilada – a spicy collection of Sylvia’s best and Tucsons own Max Cannon’s More Red Meat. Enjoy hours of laughter with these hysterical collections of comic strips.

We also recommend such titles as They Call Me Mad Dog! by Erika Lopez, The Portable Curmudgeon by Jon Winokur, F in Exams by Richard Benson or The World According to Twitter by David Pogue.  The list of Humor Books to suggest is endless and impossible to resist, so if you need a good laugh check out our Humor department. You can improve your love life, enjoy a nice bathroom read or have a laugh at some epic life fails.

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