This time of year is full of parties and lots of holiday spirits — the boozy kind. During this festive season make the most of your libations, really get fancy. Dressing up your drink can be fun even for the uninitiated. Bookmans Speedway has decanters, specialty glasses, shot glasses, ice buckets and a multitude of accoutrements for your party or event. If you want to go all out stop by our Beverages section and discover all things drinkable! We’ve come up with suggestions to get you started.

Holiday Spirits

Start with Wine Tasting for Dummies. This book outlines the basics so you can master the grape. You’ll need a way to open the wine, so check out the Butterfly Corkscrew. Straight from Poland, The Cellar is a boxed stemware set of fine crystal and includes pulled stem champagne saucers, a must have for the bubbly.

Are you and your guests daring? Grab a copy of Atomic Cocktails by Brooks, Bosker and Darmon.  This work is subtitled, “Mixed Drinks for Modern Times” and takes you gently and comically through all you need to know about booze. Start with “Gadgets and Gizmos” to learn about the tools of the bar tending trade is and how to use them. Once mastered, you can work your way to such saucy recipes as the Lady Macbeth, Ray Gun, Stardust or the Chapel of Love.

Beer lovers can show their stuff with the Beer Encyclopedia. This easy to read edition is filled with fun facts about the happy hops. Those with a progressive outlook will enjoy mixes from Organic, Shaken and Stirred by Paul Abercrombie. These hip highballs and modern martinis are totally tasty and 100% green. Once the party is started we can help keep the fun alive with Bar Bingo or Happy Hour card games.

For your holiday party don’t just grab the usual six-pack. Take the high road and mix it up! Bookmans Speedway has everything you need to become an instant expert on holiday spirits. Whether your tastes are for prickly pear juice or a traditional Manhattan, you will look and feel like a pro.