Art in some way has existed just about as long as the world itself. It has become to be a huge part of our lives; appearing in cultures all across the world. It is such an important element because it delivers a wider perception of: self, each other, emotions, awareness, history and more. It is created and appreciated by many different people for countless reasons. Here is why art is important to us…
Often our lives are caught up living in the fast lane, while we are piled up with responsibilities, rapid decisions and scattered thoughts. Creating art provides the opportunity to hit the brakes and really transform what we think, feel and are. Observing art can help explore the feeling, thought and experience that the particular artist is portraying. It is a tool that can help you as an individual as well as the world as a whole: grow and improve while still expressing thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
It also helps create a more open and beautiful community. It makes the zone we work in more amusing, the world around us more beautiful, and the thoughts we have more communicative. Helping inspire us, engage us, or even motivate us. Here at Bookmans we thrive on promoting freedom of expression while building connections, because we believe you have the right to create, read, view, and listen to whatever art you choose. Bookmans locations regularly hosts in-store events that range from exhibits to musical performances, from festivals to workshops, because of our dedication to community involvement – because community and is the most important thing to us! Bookmans goal always has been and always will be to help you make those connections with art, music, and literature. 
Get crafty at Bookmans! You can join us for our art-friendly events at your nearest location. For more info check out our events calendar.