Resolutions are hard. They are so hard. To complicate matters, many of us approach resolutions with an “eyes that are bigger than our stomach” mentality. Bookmans totally supports you and we believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. But, let’s face it, many of us will forget about whatever goals we want to accomplish come February. Because of this harsh reality we comprised a list of achievable yet worthy resolutions you can easily implement.

easy new year resolutions

1) Employ ALL of your dentist’s oral hygiene recommendations.
Granted this is something we should all have been doing since childhood, but how many people actually practice this? If you are one of the people who do not follow doctor’s orders, we encourage you start. When people ask what your New Year’s Resolution is and you reply, “To get healthier,” they will be impressed and none the wiser that you are talking about your oral hygiene, which is still incredibly important.

2) Change your sheets regularly.
To put it gently, your sheets are covered in sweat, drool, dead skin, the oil that your body excretes constantly and other unmentionable things. Think of it like changing your clothes. How long would you wear your jammies without washing them? You don’t need your momma’s help with this.

3) Finish a puzzle.
Just a one. You have 365 days to level up your brain. We’re not saying it has to be a 1,000 piece puzzle. Take a shot at a small 10 piece wooden one with like knobs on the pieces or whatever floats your boat, man. We sell an assortment of puzzles for all levels. Whatever you choose, we will surely be impressed and your brain will thank you.

4) Call your Grandparents.
They miss you. You should call them.

5) Learn to type without looking at the keyboard.
We’re doing it right now! It’s surprisingly easy. You’ll improve your WPM and be more efficient at work.

6) Read more books.
Hey, we have these. Lots of them! An oldie but a goodie the resolution to “read more” can easily be accomplished and here’s how: Don’t immediately go for Tolstoy. We know, if you are going read you want it to be something profound, but if you aren’t already an avid reader start small. You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run right? As an added bonus, by shopping here you can cross resolution number 7 off your list.

7) Support your local businesses!
Hey we’re a local business and we have lots of local business friends. Check them out in on Local First Arizona’s directory.

8) Start recycling.
The hardest part to recycling is learning the rules of what can and can not be recycled. We help you reuse some things that would otherwise go in the landfill by offering trade for what we can sell, but for the rest check out ADEQ.

BOB 24 oz water bottle

9) Drink the daily recommended amount of water.
The the rule of thumb is for the average person to consume 2.2 liters (74 oz.) per day. If you were to use your B.O.B. water bottle from your local Bookmans, that is 24 ounces down the hatch. If you fill up your B.O.B. bottle three times a day and you’re about there. See? Easy peasy. We’re so proud of you. You’re an inspiration.

10) Eliminate one-mile drives.
Walk, run, ride your bike or sashay. Whatever your alternative means of transportation are, eliminating one-mile drives will improve your health and minimize your carbon footprint.

There you have it. These ten worthwhile, easy new year resolutions will help you be a healthier and happier you.