Bookmans is releasing a zine and we want your flash fiction content! We see our stores as a reflection of the community and what better way to reflect our community than to hear from you!
Are you familiar with flash fiction? Flash fiction is a short form of literature that consists of 400 words or less. We want you to write about whatever inspires you. So we can to fill our zine with content from our amazing customers. Each of whom, just like our employees, has a wealth of knowledge on many topics as well as geekdom. Enter your flash fiction entry here. Please read the rules carefully before submitting your entry. Entries not complying with the rules may be disqualified.

  1. To avoid copyright issues, entries must not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere in print or online including blogs or another person’s personal website. Publications on the entrant’s personal website will be accepted.
  2. Entries must be fiction but can be on any subject, and written in any style or form. Everything’s fair game: satire, tragedy, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, detective, romance, hyper-realism, magical realism, plain old realism, speculative fiction, meta-fiction, meta-meta-fiction, screenplay, poetry, et cetera.
  3. Please, no fan fiction or use of copyrighted material including existing characters and song lyrics.

There is no minimum length, but complete stories should be no more than 400 words. Titles do not affect word count. You can check word counts at

  1. Entries should be made via the online entry form.
  2. Authors may make corrections to their entry up to the closing date of the round. Please resubmit the entry via the and enter ‘Corrected version of [ Title]’ in story title box.
  3. We reserve the right to correct spelling and punctuation before publishing. Any significant edits will only post with the approval of the author before publication.
  4. Entries must be received before midnight November 3rd, 2018.
  5. There is no limit to the number of entries an entrant may make.
  6. Submit multiple entries separately.
  7. If you supply a link to your personal website or social media profile, Bookmans will publish it alongside your entry. We reserve the right not to publish links that are not directly relevant to entrants or their writing or that we deem to be inappropriate.
  8. Please check your email address carefully before submitting your entry.
  9. Entrants are responsible for completing the submission process correctly and alerting us to any problems they encounter. Bookmans Entertainment Exchange accepts no liability for entries not received due to a failure on the part of the entrant to follow the submission process correctly.
  10. By submitting your work via the link below, you give Bookmans the right to publish your story as a part of a zine for the purposes of the November 2018 Zine Fair event. Bookmans will publicize this event on social media and may include images from the Bookmans Flash Fiction zine.
Determination of Winners

Bookmans employees will review and determine selections.

Selected Entries

Selected entrants will receive notification prior to publication. Bookmans will publish the selected works in our the zine which will premiere at the Bookmans Midtown Zine Fair on November 17th, 2018 from 4pm-7pm.
The information given in these Rules is correct; however, Bookmans reserves the right to change any of the above without prior notice.
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