In case you haven’t heard, Flagstaff had a record-breaking snowfall Thursday with a total of 36 inches in a single day. That’s 3 feet of snow. Bookmans Flag is no stranger to snow drama. If you’ll recall we had a bit of a situation in ’09 with our roof. But this storm we had Super Roof 9000 and managed to keep our store intact! That being said we did take Thursday off so our staff could stay home and stay safe indoors. And we’re not the only storm that experienced an unusual meteorological event. Even Tucson was #blessed with some fluffy white stuff falling from the sky.

So what did our wonderful town and Bookmans Flag employees do during this absolutely unheard-of storm? Well, besides watch cozily from our windows while sipping hot beverages.  We enjoyed a movie marathon featuring some of our fave snow day features, of course! Here are just a few films we enjoyed while we waited out #Snowpolcalyse2019.

Snow Day (2000)

Brought to you by Nickelodeon and Paramount, Snow Day is a fun, family-friendly comedy. A group of kids who do everything in their power to ensure a second snow day attempt to stop a snowplow driver from clearing the roads. If you’re like me and grew up in a town with snow days, you know how quickly the day goes by and how much you wished school was closed for the second day in a row. Don’t even get me started on the false alarms that are delayed starts. ? This movie gets it, however, and is sure to entertain the whole family.

Dead Snow (2009)

Guys: What’s scarier than zombies? Nazi zombies! Not only do these zombies want to eat your BRAINS but they also hold some political and sociological views that we just really can’t get behind. Quick! Is fascism contagious like zombieism? Find out in this Norwegian splatter film. Warning… if you couldn’t tell, this movie is not family-friendly like its predecessor on this list. Not only is it incredibly violent, but it’s also entirely in Norwegian. At the very least, it’s audience needs to be able to handle subtitles and/or know Norwegian.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

If there ever was a time to watch the most misleading climate change action-adventure movie in the history of cinema it would be during Snowpocalypse 2019. As I was digging out my car from under three feet of snow Friday morning, I was very upset that Jake Gylenhall was NOWHERE to found. Like I need rescuing too, Jake. The Day After Tomorrow takes place during a massive climate shift that leaves the world covered in ice and snow. Sounds familiar! It’s ridiculous but also really awesome and fun.

But what are some of your favorite movies to watch when you’re cooped up indoors? Or maybe you have a favorite genre! Tell in the comments below and remember to stock up at Bookmans next time you’re expecting a marathon-worthy storm heading your way.