It’s no secret our Entertainment Exchange on Grant and Campbell is relocating to our former Sports Exchange at Speedway and Country Club, now known as Bookmans Midtown. As we begin the process of packing up our back room we sat down as a crew and talked about the excitement we all felt about moving. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment. Some of us, like myself, have literally grown up in this very store. Starting first in the kids room and moving beyond, we found ourselves among the same orange shelves we’re about to pack up and haul a street south. Aside from these feelings of nostalgia we’re actually really pumped to relocate. There are many different reasons such as easier access by bike, closer to the University and better food options, but the following five were unanimous among us all.
Brand. New. Building.
The Grant store has been home to Bookmans for over 35 years and we couldn’t be more honored to support the Tucson community for that length of time. However, running around our back room with buckets when it starts to rain definitely has its disadvantages when you work in a store that sells books and electronics. New fixtures, new door locks, new trade counters, even. It’s the little things that all add up to make the new store absolutely beautiful, but also, no more rain buckets!
Thriving Plaza:
The Rancho Center not only has a beautifully paved parking lot, which is something we vastly lack here at Grant,  it’s full of other great businesses. Without our Walgreens neighbors we were feeling a little lonely here at Grant & Campbell. Now, we’ll have a whole slew of other prosperous folk to keep us company. Not to mention Whole Foods, and that’s almost enough in itself. We’re thoroughly looking forward to partnering with new businesses and actually having neighbors.
More Space.
The sales floor is slightly larger, which means we’ll have more room to deliver you the best goods in town. It also means more creative freedom for our supervisors. With more space we’ll have the opportunity to offer even better displays and product. Not to mention the glorious basement where all the behind the scenes action will take place. Did we mention there’s an elevator? *Pst, there’s an elevator!*
Fresh Start.
Bookmans has always been the happening place, there’s no denying that. But sometimes a move is the perfect way to rejuvenate. With a fresh, new building and employees who are pumped for a change it’s the perfect time to organize our back room *cough, sometimes we’ve been known to get messy* and better arrange the layout of our sections out on the sales floor. The move allows us the opportunity arrange things with a fresh perspective.
While we may have another few weeks month of box lifting and a little chaos ahead of us, the team here at Bookmans Midtown couldn’t be happier and more excited for our upcoming move. Not only for ourselves but for the phenomenal customers that keep us alive. On a daily basis we open our doors to hundreds of community members in hopes to inspire our Buy, Sell, Trade philosophy and engage with another smiling face. It’s for all of you that make back aches, stubbed toes and maybe a little tear at a farewell, worth the challenge ahead of us. We look forward to buying on a brand new trade counter full of memories to be made. We wouldn’t be here without the fellowship of our community which ultimately is our fifth reason, the opportunity to offer a better Bookmans experience. Together we’ll continue the legend of Bookmans and rock a stellar new storefront with the same familiar faces both behind the counter and across it.
Here’s to a new beginning.