Avengers: Endgame is here. First, I underwent the spiritual journey that was Beyonce’s Homecoming. Then it was adrenaline-induced heart palpitations during The Battle of Winterfell. I decided to keep the emotional rollercoaster going and watch Avengers: Endgame. Though it seems like I enjoy torture, I’m honestly exhausted. SPOILERS ahead.

Let’s collectively agree to not schedule these kinds of things in the same week in the future. My poor little nerdy heart cannot take it.

That being said, holy cannoli! Endgame was everything I wanted it to be and more. The latest installation of the MCU, and really the last true Avengers movie, did not disappoint. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive beast of a franchise. In an act of pure heroism, Marvel has successfully served us all a proper conclusion to the 22-film series.

There was a time when I would have researched, reread, rewatched, and waited in line for hours for the latest MCU midnight show experience. But I’m tired and older so I make wiser decisions. Here are the thoughts and feelings with really very little prep. Oh, and I totes skipped Captain Marvel.


Lost Beard. If found please return to the owner of America’s Ass.

Captain America, how dare you shave that glorious beard? I get it, you’re an old school guy. You probably yell at kids to stay off your lawn and at Peter Parker to cut that dang hippie-dippie Beatles haircut. And I love your chiseled jaw as much as the next human with a pulse. However, that beard served a purpose and you robbed us of that sir. Beard aside, what a leader, am I right?!? Never one to give up hope, Cap gathers the crew, keeps morale up, and also volunteers to help those who lost loved ones in “the snap.” Like, knock it off, sir. DAMN.

Brains and Brawn!

Because I was completely unprepared, I was so surprised and stoked to see Professor Hulk! I love this character. The whole Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde thing was a great, internal battle, it’s true. Still, I was so excited to see this character grow and realize that there was a way to coexist. Plus, when they go back to New York and Professor Hulk dumbs himself down and is all bothered by it… One of the great comedic breaks Endgame had to offer.

That Dad Bod though.

First off, shoutout to the woman next to me in the theater. She exclaimed “gross” and “disgusting” every time Thor’s beer belly made an appearance. I guess it’s not what we expected. Yes, he needs a shower. But also, don’t hate on the Dad Bod bro. Beer bellies are good for cuddling. I would have liked a little less of Thor being the butt of the joke though. I get that the character is going in a new direction post-Ragnarok. However, I think we could have benefited from a little more time spent understanding why Thor had spiraled so hard. Then again, there are like 50 characters here. We can’t spend time on everyone and everything.


The Saga of Mr. Tony Stark.

It’s true that Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. launched this 22-film project into the stratosphere. Before that, Marvel was one bad deal away from selling off filing cabinets again. Instead, they took a chance on a less-popular character and an actor with a colorful history. What was made has really set the gold standard in franchise films. Iron Man has been MCU’s founding father since 2008. Endgame brought the franchise full-circle and unfortunately, had us all say goodbye to Tony.

Tony Stark is the only character whose life isn’t completely torn apart by the snap. He and Pepper know how lucky they are to have both survived Thanos and the snap. Tony is living the good life with his wife and their daughter, Morgan, on a beautiful lakefront. Then Cap and Scott Lang come driving up, like a tornado, upending everything. And Tony, having grown, decides to risk the happiness he has found. If it couldn’t potentially bring billions of people back that were lost in the snap, he wouldn’t risk it. And ultimately costs him his life. It was a great send off for the character that started it all.

There was a lot to unpack here. Avengers: Endgame was the culmination of 22 films and a huge cast of characters. I definitely missed a lot and need to see this movie at least three more times. I’ll make time to see Captain Marvel too! I did really enjoy the movie and can’t wait to see what the next phase of MCU films has in store.

What were your thoughts and feelings about Avengers: Endgame? What did I miss? Tell us below.

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