If an emergency occurred tomorrow, would you be ready? September is National Preparedness Month as sponsored by FEMA. At Bookmans, we would like to take this opportunity to empower you to be prepared for all types of emergencies, fact or fictional. We are still in the midst of Monsoon Season, which continues until the end of this month. What better time than now to make sure you’re prepared if there is a random flash flood, if you’re heading on an adventurous trek, or have a freak zombie complication? Whether you are braving the wild or just reading about it, Bookmans has you covered with a lot of the items you’ll need to forage for the ‘just in case’. We have a wide array of merchandise including a lot of items you might not expect.

All around the store there are gizmos and gadgets a plenty to assist you in your quest to be ready for anything. There are a few sections in all of the Bookmans locations that you should pop into for such items.


Gardening– In this section, not only can you find books on this topic, there is a whole smorgasbord of subcategories to choose from. You definitely will run into some selections about conservation, and crazy weather patterns but let us take a look outside of the box. You could use these books to make a fort to hide from the zombies. There could possibly be some gardening tools that could be used as shields or you know, for actual gardening. Having food during these emergencies is extremely important. Books that teach you how to defeat the evils that are known as weeds, or some that explain weather patterns which can help you prepare for whatever storm comes your way. Passages list the exact way to run from giant carnivorous plants, or even an umbrella. This is one of those sections that could be easily overlooked, but it’s life or death if all you have left to eat are berries that could be poison. Let’s not pull a Hunger Games.

Sports– You might not think to check here, but this is where most of the outdoorsy type nonfiction finds a home. Need to know how to tie a knot? How about how to start a fire? This area of books is a staple when it comes to self-preservation. Let’s say you’re trying to capture Big Foot, planning to hike the Grand Canyon, or the power goes out for a long period of time. In need of hikers guides to find your way home? The books in these parts will surely lead you down the path of survival. There might be a time when you will need to stock up on information about running, swimming, or bicycling, and not just for triathlons. This alcove of books is perfect to start your training to endure any and all emergencies, even the ones that don’t result in capturing one of the wonders of the world. Aim high people!

True Adventure– This is where is gets fun. Want some ideas for where to go if you’re itching to get out of the city? Then this is your ultimate section! What does this have to do with being prepared? Everything. You can read up on perilous treks across the Appalachian Mountains, 127 hours of being stuck in between a rock and a hard place, deep sea dives, all in the comfort of your own home. You gain all of the knowledge and learn how to avoid what not to do in urgent situations without even having to go out and do it yourself. Some treasures you might find in this section include a portable can opener, candles, medals, rocks, a vase, pottery, a carabiner, sailboat models, nautical nonsense, a coconut monkey, multiple paper clips, or even postcards.

Any of the items or books that you find whilst perusing these sections will help you on fantastic journeys you embark on, or any emergency situation that you might find yourself dealing with. Bookmans is your one stop shop for anything to help you become prepared, stay educated, or for your cryptozoological hobbies. Call or stop into any of our Bookmans locations today to check out our stock. It’s never too early to be prepared!