Meet Amy Crandell! Amy is the Book Department Supervisor at Bookmans Phoenix. Her sparkling personality, kind attitude and dedicated work ethic continue to inspire the Bookmans team. Amy started as a cashier in 2012 and quickly moved into the Books Department. A book lover with a proclivity for YA literature, Amy soon became the Children’s Book Coordinator and just kept moving. With a background in customer service and bookstore management, Amy brings a fresh perspective and creative energy to Bookmans Phoenix.

Behind The Trade Counter: Meet Amy Crandell

Bookmans Phoenix: You grew up in Washington State and moved to Arizona as a teenager. How do you feel about about Phoenix?

Amy Crandell: My absolute favorite thing about Phoenix is the people I’ve met here. Phoenix might not be known for being an exceptionally friendly city, but I’ve found that it is. I have a unique group of friends and coworkers whom I’ve known for years. But I miss the rain.

BP: Good point, what we lack in precipitation we make up for in an abundance of kindhearted folks. Now that you’ve become an official Phoenician, what is your favorite local restaurant?

AC: Valle Luna, hands down. #pollofundidoforlife

BP: Noted! Your taste in fundido is impeccable. Tell us what you like most about being Book Supervisor.

AC: I love helping people, both customers and employees. Our staff works as a team and they make it really easy to be the leader. We are all passionate about books, so we enjoy what we do.

BP: You have a background in bookstores including working as a manager at Waldenbooks. What differences do you see between a national chain and a local media exchange?

AC: First of all, the prices are amazing at Bookmans. But seriously, at Bookmans I feel that I’m part of something bigger than just a store, something that contributes to the community. I love getting to know regular customers and having a chance to see what kind of books they trade in. It’s like a window into their lives and it’s fascinating to discover what favorite books we have in common.

BP: On that note, what’s your favorite book?

AC: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson–actually anything by Brandon Sanderson. He is a phenomenal fantasy writer who appeals to people who are new to fantasy or don’t particularly like the genre and fans alike. He’s a world builder, he creates magic that most readers would never imagine on their own.

BP: You most certainly are passionate about books! Hypothetically, if you had to choose something totally different to do, what would it be?

AC: Definitely musical theatre. I grew up dancing and singing, I’d love to be in a Broadway production.

BP: One more very important question, what cartoon captures the essence of Amy Crandell?

AC: I know what you think I’m going to say, but as much as I love Hello Kitty, I’m going to have to go with Sponge Bob. He’s terrified of butterflies, just like me.

We can’t get enough of the fierce and fascinating Amy C. Come in to Bookmans Phoenix to talk books with Amy and our other rad staff people. While you’re at it, talk movies, music, video games, housewares, jewelry, puzzles, calendars, board games, etc. with any of our friendly experts. We look forward to helping you discover the perfect finds soon!