Phoenix is hosted to a wide variety of happenings. We have several major sports teams, restaurants claiming they are the creator of the almighty chimichanga, and scorching summers. In contrast, did you know that Phoenix is also home to many spooky sites and infamous spectral sightings? Let’s begin our tale of spirited encounters and phantasmal parables of Phoenix! Come along… if you dare. 

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We’ll begin our journey at the Westward Ho Hotel. Now a housing unit for the elderly, the Westward Ho Hotel was a posh place to rest your head. Residents have reported hearing loud chatter in rooms and music from the 1940s. There’s also reports of a woman wearing a red dress roaming the halls.

The Hotel San Carlos may be one of the most well-known locations for spirit activity in Phoenix. Historically, Hotel San Carlos was a known travel destination for the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Mae West. However, this is where Leona Jensen jumped off the roof of the San Carlos in an evening gown. We’ll never know the true reason Leona Jensen jumped, but many speculate it was a broken heart. No matter the answer, guests at the Hotel San Carlos report seeing a woman in a beautiful dress on the roof. Some even claim to see her diving off now and again.
A well-known doctor built the Rosson House back in 1895. Today it serves as a museum and sits amongst many downtown festivals. Apparently, visitors and employees continue to report the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. There are also reports of items being moved around the museum and some apparition sightings. Rumor has it that it is a former caretaker who met his demise on the property back in the early 1980s.

Pizza Hut. Yes, you read that right. There is a Pizza Hut located in Glendale that has found itself claims of unexplained occurrences. Would you believe tales of faucets in the bathrooms turning off an on by themselves?  Children are heard laughing and crying, but guess what? There are no children in the store! We want to believe.
According to local ghosthunters, The Orpheum Theater is home to a ghost named Mattie (sometimes called Maddie). Built in 1929, The Orpheum is now a historic venue in the Valley. Certainly, the next time you see a show at the Orpheum, you will keep an eye out for Mattie wandering around the balcony in 1920s-era clothing.

These are only a few of the hot locations in Phoenix with a rich history of terrifying tales. Bookmans Phoenix will host Debe Branning of the MVD Ghostchasers. Debe will talk you through an evening of history and mystery you won’t’ forget! The Haunted in AZ event is happening on Wednesday, October 24th at 7:00 PM. Afterward, she will be selling and signing her books if you want to continue your journey!