For our Shop Local/Give Local campaign, Bookmans Speedway partnered with I’m Not a Monster and Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) to help promote their Holiday Pet Supply Drive. I’m Not a Monster began humbly, with a loving Pit Bull named Booker who was confiscated in a drug bust and sent to the animal shelter. What looked like the end for Booker turned out to be just the beginning!


It started when local paramedic Dawn Myers was looking for a bookcase on Craigslist. Myers came across an ad for Booker and decided to take a closer look. After an overnight test visit where Booker buddied right up to the resident cats, Myers decided to adopt him. About 6 months later Dawn began to experience debilitating seizures caused by a soccer-related head injury.

Booker became much more than a pet and friend, he became Dawn’s service dog. The seizures threatened to severely restrict Myers’ independence. Booker was trained to alert her when the seizures occurred giving her life and freedom back. Tragically, Booker contracted lung cancer, which required expensive treatments. The treatments were funded through donations. When Booker was asked what he would like for Christmas he paid it forward with a request for donations for all his friends left in the Pima County shelter. As an added incentive, Booker posed each day in December with his reindeer antlers next to items being requested for donation.

Tragically Booker passed away, but his reindeer campaign took off. Today we take up Booker’s Battle and become a drop off location for pet supply donations for Pima Animal Care Center. Help Booker with his legacy and donate much needed pet supplies. You will find his donation box at Bookmans Speedway. There is no better way to support Shop Local/Give Local than to donate to a shelter in memory of a loving, devoted and caring dog named Booker.