November is a month for giving and thanking. Bookmans Speedway does lots of both! This month we focus on Shop Local/Give Local and, let’s face it, getting ready to get ready for the holiday season. All of our stores have moved into high gear with many local organizations hosting events with us. We also have the absolute best in local art and gifts. Take a look through Bookmans Speedway and you will see an eclectic blend of original, one-of-a-kind items for you and the special people in your life. These artists cleverly use recycled and up-cyled materials to create beautiful items that support local small businesses as well as helping the environment. In this way we not only make our community stronger but interesting and unique.

Shop Local, Give Local

Check out our recycled book and album cover journals. These handmade journals use materials destined for the recycling bins and each one is its own work of art. We also carry soy candles housed in vintage china. These aromatic creations are gorgeous to look at and to smell. When you are done burning the soy you can wash out the cups with soap and water to re-use!

Bookmans Speedway carries handcrafted greeting cards. Some are hand drawn by local artists and others are created by Tucsonan photographers who have taken breathtaking photos of the Old Pueblo. We have pressed flower cards, complete with calligraphy messages also constructed by local artisans.

Our register area is surrounded by the best local jewelry, buttons, magnets, hacky sacks and paracord bracelets. You must check out the superhero earrings and necklaces. The creative people who make these for us are our neighbors and friends. We love the work they do and the special way they help make our community stronger. Ever better, we adore their creations — unique, quirky and chances are good that when you purchase one, you are getting a true original. You won’t find copies at the mall or walk into a holiday party to find several other guests sporting the same thing.

Bookmans celebrates individuality everyday. The freedom of expression is something we hold dear. When we can combine that passion with recycling and support local businesses everyone wins in a big way. Join us this month in helping Tucson be the connected, vibrant community we know and love while scoring exceptionally wonderful gems. It’s Shop Local/Give Local time at Bookmans and you are invited to join the fun. See you at Bookmans Speedway!